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Another Photo Of Jackson With Children

Another Photo Of Jackson With Children
Another Photo Of Jackson With Children

Video: Another Photo Of Jackson With Children

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Video: Michael Jackson's Kids *Extremely Rare Pictures* 2023, February

Family photos continue to pop up online Michael Jackson from personal archives. We have already seen how Michael and the children celebrated their birthday - now a close friend of the singer and the former owner of a mansion in Los Angeles, which was filmed by Michael, shared a valuable shot with the people. Mohammed Hadid.

Hadid and Jackson spent several days together shortly before the death of the king of pop - so Mohammed has something to tell.

“Michael and the kids dined with me three weeks ago,” he said in a statement. - We are friends of families, our children are of the same age, we even spent Thanksgiving Day together. Michael was healthy, full of energy and very excited that he will soon be on a new tour in London. His death was a real shock for us. There was no hint that he might be unwell. Macle was an incredibly kind and generous person, we will miss him. My family and children will support his children and loved ones during this difficult time."

In the photo, dated November 27, 2008, we see Michael and Mohammed with their children - the children of the king of pop are in the center.

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