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Dennis Rodman Sang For Kim Jong Un

Dennis Rodman Sang For Kim Jong Un
Dennis Rodman Sang For Kim Jong Un
Video: Dennis Rodman Sang For Kim Jong Un
Video: Dennis Rodman Sings Happy Birthday To BFF Kim Jong-Un 2023, February

African Americans with North Koreans - brothers forever?

Yesterday, January 8, the head of North Korea celebrated his birthday Kim Chen In. A friendly basketball match between the DPRK national team and veterans took place as a gift to the ruler NBA… The world famous basketball player became the initiator of such a gift. Dennis Rodmanwho considers himself a friend Kim Jong-un… The game was held in the best traditions of the totalitarian communist countries: the Korean team won with a score of 47:39.


Take this opportunity to, Dennis Rodman not only scattered in compliments to his comrade, calling him: "the true leader of the country who cares about his people", but also sang him the song "Happy Birthday to You". Not Marilyn Monroe, of course, but Kim Jong Un liked.

It is not known when the famous basketball player and the head of the DPRK managed to become such friends. They met just a year ago, when in February 2013 in Pyongyang the American exhibition team Harlem globetrotters played with the Korean national team.


US leadership is not happy with the act Rodman… After all, North Korea is still considered a country with a totalitarian regime, where human rights are ignored. The American State Department made it clear that it does not approve of its compatriot's "basketball diplomacy". Ordinary Americans do not support him either, and believe that the reason for such a partnership is Rodman and Chen Un lies in the rather large sums of money that the basketball player receives as a reward.

It is also known that Dennis refused the relatives of an American convicted of 15 years for espionage in the DPRK Kenneth Bay in help. They asked for help in his release, citing the poor health of the Christian missionary.

Let us remind you that a few weeks ago from the filing Kim Jong-un his uncle was executed Jang Sung Taek, who had a very big influence in the DPRK. This has slightly shaken stability in Korea. Nevertheless, the young ruler revels in his boundless omnipotence. His comrade Denis Rodman called life Kim "First-class party".

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