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Cindy Crawford Put Her Daughter In A Bad Light

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Cindy Crawford Put Her Daughter In A Bad Light
Cindy Crawford Put Her Daughter In A Bad Light
Video: Cindy Crawford Put Her Daughter In A Bad Light
Video: Kaia Gerber & Cindy Crawford on Their Careers, Social Media and the Modeling Industry | Vogue 2023, February

About three weeks ago, fans noticed Kaia Gerber in a very strange way, which caused great bewilderment


Moreover, in this form, Kaya went not just to the store, but on a date with her current lover. Russian women of fashion will not even walk around the house in such clothes!

On a meeting with her beloved, Gerber decided to wear a voluminous greenish hoodie and strange flared jeans with an abstract pattern. These pants are more like jogging pants. Nobody understood what caused this style of clothing. Fans speculated that Kaya wanted to make her less attention-grabbing.

It turns out that Kaya thus wanted to hide her figure, which was always perfect, as befits a model. Why only does she need it? Apparently, we now know the answer to this question.

The other day, all of America celebrated another Thanksgiving Day, the family of supermodel Cindy Crawford was no exception. On this day, they got together, as evidenced by the photos published by the celebrity on the Instagram social network. Cindy posted footage that clearly shows that Kaya gained weight very rapidly. The girl is no longer as thin as she was before.

For a home dinner, Gerber chose a very modest outfit: a black floral print and tight-fitting classic jeans, which gave out figure flaws. They fit quite tightly on the thighs of the celebrity, emphasizing the extra pounds.


Kaya's star mom looks great in the photos, as always. Of course, you cannot call her the same age, but she fits perfectly for the role of an older sister. Cindy Crawford has always been very objective about her age, so for Thanksgiving, she chose a dress that hides figure flaws as much as possible and emphasizes her dignity. The star of the 90s wore a bright yellow dress with a floral print, which could emphasize the slender legs of the model. That evening, Cindy refused accessories, but supplemented her image with nude-colored ankle boots.

In addition to the plump Kaya, fans of the family drew attention to the son of Crawford. Once again, Presley Gerber runs into criticism from subscribers because of tattoos on his face. Many people are sure that very soon the young man will regret his actions. Recall that Presley celebrated his 21st birthday this year.

“I am very ashamed of his face tattoos. Unfortunately, children do not realize all the consequences for themselves. This limits their choice, because people will only make assumptions about their persona by looking at their appearance. " - subscribers write.

It is worth noting that this behavior of Presley worries and stellar parents, they believe that the guy needs professional psychological help.

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