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Facts About Jackie Chan That Will Cause Shock: What Did The Man Tell In His Memoirs?

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Facts About Jackie Chan That Will Cause Shock: What Did The Man Tell In His Memoirs?
Facts About Jackie Chan That Will Cause Shock: What Did The Man Tell In His Memoirs?

In his memory, a huge number of prostitutes with whom he slept, the actor was a terrible husband and father, the celebrity mocked his mistresses. What else did Jackie tell about himself in the book?


For many years of acting, Jackie Chan has become the idol of millions. Recently, the actor decided to release a memoir in which he decided to confess and tell what life he lived and what sins of his youth he was hiding. All this came as a surprise to the fans, and many things put them into a state of shock.

The public has long been accustomed to the fact that celebrities lead a very strange lifestyle, get into scandals, indulge in illegal substances, and do whatever they want. However, no one could ever imagine that Jackie Chan has a ton of sins behind his back. The actor was never involved in scandals, his name did not appear in the headlines of yellow press magazines.

After you read his book, Never Grow Up, you're sure to cross him off your list of ideal men to follow.

The 64-year-old actor in his memoirs spoke about his youth, which was bright and stormy, and how many bad things he did! Many publications already publish excerpts from his book, they can be found in the public domain on the Internet.

An athlete, actor, director, producer and stuntman, a kind-hearted man who has won our hearts for a very long time, decided to talk about his dark side. The man wanted his fans to recognize his real one.

Jackie admitted that in his youth he was very rude and cruel. This applied not only to strangers, but also to those closest to them. Chan admits that he behaved incorrectly with the very first girl Chang, she suffered a lot of insults from him. “I'm a terrible boyfriend” - Jackie admits to avoid his chosen one, he even specially organized filming in other cities.

When the girl tried to spend time alone with him, it was very annoying to Jackie. At such moments he tried to just turn around and leave. Most often, he went to his friends to play card games, or have a drink at the bar. Chan also said that he often deliberately arranged fights in the presence of his beloved, knowing that she was very afraid and worried about this.


After Chang dumped the actor, he finally realized that he was very wrong. Apologizing on his part did not help, but he wanted to achieve forgiveness by all means. Chang had his own clothing store, and Jackie constantly asked his acquaintances at his expense to go and buy things from his ex-lover. When his plan was revealed, Chang refused to sell the clothes to Jackie's friends. After that, the store had to be closed, as there were no buyers at all.

When real popularity came to the actor, he felt the taste of money and began to spend it without hesitation. During that period of his life, he had a huge number of prostitutes and expensive cars. While drunk, he often got into accidents, crashing cars one after another, getting his friends into trouble. Also, the celebrity never spared money for gifts to his friends, sometimes giving them too valuable things.

“Once in a year I spent two million dollars just paying for dinners in restaurants. I presented my friends with very expensive gifts: watches, tailor-made jackets, aged wine boxes. When I worked as a stuntman, I realized that every day I risk my only life, so I wasted everything I had without hesitation. After all, tomorrow might not have come for me” - the athlete explains.

Jackie Chan has always been a good friend and companion, which cannot be said for his spouse and father. Very often he showed cruelty and aggression towards the people most dear to him. Now the actor regrets very much about his actions.Once upon a time, during a quarrel with his wife, he grabbed a young son and threw him across the room. The actor's daughter also did not find support in him, after she declared that she was a lesbian. Jackie just packed her things and put her out of the house without a penny in his pocket. The girl was a vagabond for a long time, wandering the streets of the city.

Chan believes that all his troubles and this behavior originates from childhood. He always had a very low self-esteem due to the fact that he lived in a poor family. Peers constantly bullied him, so he developed aggression towards snobbery.

The wife of actor Joan Lin has gone through hard times. When she was pregnant with her first child, Jackie bullied her the most. He constantly left home and hid money. After that, his friends set him up that Joan married him solely for money and the actor made a big scandal at home.


However, Chan is most worried about the adultery that happened in 1999. The actor looked at himself in the mirror for a long time and saw a “real bastard”. His wife forgave him all his sins, for which the celebrity is very grateful to her. He believes that Lin has always been an exemplary wife and the best mother in the world.

In his book, Jackie does not mention his daughter at all; he still has not forgiven her for being gay.

In addition to memories of childhood and adolescence, in the memoirs, each of the readers will be able to find a lot of interesting facts about the actor. For example, you didn't know for sure that at 64, Chan never learned to write, even in all of Jackie Chan's documents, there is no signature.

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