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Kylie Jenner Appears In A New Selfie With Super Short Hair

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Kylie Jenner Appears In A New Selfie With Super Short Hair
Kylie Jenner Appears In A New Selfie With Super Short Hair

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Video: || Creating the Perfect Platinum Bob/Lob || Inspired by Kylie Jenner & Cara Delevingne 2023, February

Kylie Jenner thought she had just had her hair ends trimmed, but her hairdresser took her by surprise when he cut off almost all of her locks! She debuted a new short hairstyle under a new Instagram post

“@JesusHair said he cuts me and cut off all my hair!” Kylie Jenner wrote on her Instagram story on February 13, referring to her hairdresser. Jesus guerrero… She wrote a caption to the video in which she made her super short hair debut. Kylie's hair ends are now barely touching her chin in a new image that's a lot shorter than we're used to seeing her! Although Kylie often wears hair extensions, we've seen her natural hair before and it has never been this short. Of course, she can do anything when it comes to her hair, so she looks amazing anyway!


Just days before the new C's debut, Kylie had shoulder-length hair when she attended Vanity Fair's Oscars on February 9th. She also had a long ponytail that ran all over her back when she attended the Valentine's Day party on February 12th. Kylie changes her hairstyles and lengths almost every day, so this short hair look may not pop for a long time! She is also known for changing the color of her hair, be it wigs or dyeing her dark curls.

Given that Kylie posts frequent updates to her daily life on Instagram, we'll soon see if she keeps her new short position. Meanwhile, we can expect her from all forces will be celebrate Valentine's Day with your daughter, Stormy Webster, The 14th of February. Kylie does her very best for her daughter and this probably won't be an exception!

However, it is unclear if she will spend the vacation with Stormi's father. Travis Scott… The two broke up at the end of September but still spend quite a bit of time together as parents. "Kylie and Travis avoid labeling many points in their relationship because once they do, they will get millions of unnecessary opinions," an insider said recently. “They just don't want to deal with it. They are still sorting out and trying to slow it down. " We'll have to wait and see!

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