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Family Contract Of Sergei Svetlakov

Family Contract Of Sergei Svetlakov
Family Contract Of Sergei Svetlakov
Video: Family Contract Of Sergei Svetlakov
Video: Стас Костюшкин x Семён Слепаков | ЧТО БЫЛО ДАЛЬШЕ? (Сабуров, Щербаков, Рептилоид, Тамби, Детков) 2023, February

Sergei Svetlakov continues to work on a new comedy "Fast "Moscow - Russia"… Filming takes place in Crimea, so the actor and showman took his wife, son and daughter from his first marriage with him, and killed many birds with one stone.

Firstly, he did not have to be separated from his loved ones; secondly, while dad is working, the children are resting in the "all-Union health resort", as the peninsula was called before, and thirdly, roles were found in the film for both Sergei's wife and his daughter! Antonina starred in one of the episodes, while still pregnant, and now she tried her hand at acting and is 4-year-old Nastya… So far, she was only entrusted with the plan in the crowd, but this is definitely a good start, since Nastya, according to everyone's opinion, coped with all 5 points.

The most difficult thing for the girl turned out to be to understand why dad suddenly became stupid: why did he start falling into the nets with live chickens, beat the painted uncles with an oar and do other strange things-) Sergei, however, managed to explain to the baby that this was just work for dad such - to amuse people-)

Note that earlier Svetlakov carefully hid his eldest child from the press, but now he has allowed journalists to photograph him with Nastya in his arms. Recall that Nastya was born to Sergei in her first marriage with Julia Svetlakova, then the showman divorced and fell in love with his wife Antonina Chebotarev, deputy director of advertising for a large cinema chain. This summer, the couple had a son, Ivan.

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