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The Ex-husband Gave Volochkova A Ring

The Ex-husband Gave Volochkova A Ring
The Ex-husband Gave Volochkova A Ring
Video: The Ex-husband Gave Volochkova A Ring
Video: "Новые русские сенсации": "Домогательства Волочковой" 2023, February

January 20th Anastasia Volochkova celebrated its 35th anniversary in the Kai Metov club-restaurant. Kai, after whom the restaurant is named, gave the ballerina not only a celebration, but also a snow-white BMW 7 Series car. Gorgeous bouquets and gifts were also noted Lolita, Diana Gurtskaya, Dana Borisova, Marat Basharov and Pavel Kashin… But earlier and most original of all, Anastasia was congratulated by her ex-husband Igor Vdovinwho was present at the celebration.

On the eve of the holiday, the businessman took the ballerina to his home. “He has everything in Indian style, no furniture - no chairs, no tables, leads a“sexual”lifestyle. Everything was in candles. Champagne is poured into glasses, in general, the holiday has begun. And when I woke up in the morning, I found a bouquet of flowers on my bed. I woke up to the scent of this beautiful bouquet. While I was painting my eyelashes, I heard Igor's voice: “Nastya, Nastya! Help me quickly! ". I run out to the snack bar, where the kitchen is, and I see that there are already two plates, breakfast is being prepared. Igor is standing with a frying pan, and he already has an omelet in his plate. And he knows that I don't have breakfast. He pushes the frying pan, and I see that there is an open box with a beautiful ring,”Anastasia said with delight.

Volochkova gladly showed the guests of the holiday a ring from her ex-spouse: “This is topaz framed by a variety of stones, with diamonds, there is amethyst and aquamarine … Igor has always shown ingenuity, he continues to show it now and arrange the most incredible surprises. The ring touched me very much. In my life I have been and are surrounded by the most wonderful men, they are really generous, they give me beautiful jewelry and just their human attention."

The ballerina also advised not to make hasty conclusions about the ring, she and her ex-husband do not plan to converge again. “I believe that a new family will form in my life, of course, I dream of putting on a wedding dress again. But today I am a happy person, I know what a happy career, self-sufficient and independent creativity is, I know what it is not to depend on anyone and not to be indebted to anyone. I can be open, I never hid how I lived, what actions I did, and did not hide from people any tears of joy, grief, sadness, indignation from untruth and injustice. I am for the truth, for honesty. I can do brave deeds and do not want to cheat on myself."

Because of her age, Anastasia does not worry at all and does not hide it. “On the contrary, I am proud of what I have already achieved, and I am not going to stop at all,” the ballerina writes in her Live Journal. - Everything is still ahead, I am young, in good shape and I believe that many new and interesting things await me.

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