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Beauty Secrets Of Julia Nachalova

Beauty Secrets Of Julia Nachalova
Beauty Secrets Of Julia Nachalova
Video: Beauty Secrets Of Julia Nachalova
Video: Один в Один! Юлия Началова - Кристина Агилера (Beautiful) 2023, February

We are already used to the fact that from time to time some Western or Russian celebrity shares the secrets of his beauty. Was no exception and Yulia Nachalova… As the singer said, she goes in for sports six times a week. “I run, I“ride”17 kilometers a day on an exercise bike,” said Yulia.

“There is no need to keep track of centimeters and kilograms. I completely removed the scales from my life! First of all, I follow my health - I take vitamins, I try to rest more often, go to the sea. I have recently been to Los Angeles and Hawaii,”she said.

As for Julia's relationship with a hockey player Alexander Frolov, then Nachalova does not want to think ahead. “Let everything go as it should. I am a fatalist, and I think that if this person is destined for you - as a friend, as a husband, then this is inevitable,”she said. “The older I get, the less I am wasted on the negativity that sometimes surrounds me. I learned to be happy …”- concluded the singer.

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