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Alexey Chumakov And Yulia Kovalchuk Secretly Married

Alexey Chumakov And Yulia Kovalchuk Secretly Married
Alexey Chumakov And Yulia Kovalchuk Secretly Married
Video: Alexey Chumakov And Yulia Kovalchuk Secretly Married
Video: Алексей Чумаков и Юлия Ковальчук. Когда все дома с Тимуром Кизяковым 2023, February

Russian pop stars - Yulia Kovalchuk and Alexey Chumakov got married! Without unnecessary noise and press attention, the lovers held a celebration in Spain in a small company. Rumors that Julia and Alexei are going to get married have been circulating since last year. The artists did not confirm this information, but did not deny it either, telling reporters that if they are married, they are unlikely to invite the press to the celebration. And so it happened.


In an exclusive interview with the magazine "7 days" the happy newlyweds told about the secret ceremony: “Our Spanish wedding was attended by only 12 guests, the most dear and dear people to us: my mom and dad, Dad Leshin and close friends. There weren't even any of my colleagues, and no one still knows anything. We are immensely happy that our beloved parents, for whom this event may have become even more long-awaited than for us, were there. There can be nothing more beautiful than smiles on their faces!"

Despite the fact that the solemn event took place in Spain, the lovers formalized their relationship in one of the registry offices in Moscow.

“We signed in Moscow. There were only Julia and I. No witnesses and no champagne. Laughing, they ran into the registry office, signed the book and kissed each other with the words: "Hey, you, husband!" - "Hey, you, wife!" - the newly-made husband confesses.

The wedding ceremony was very romantic and beautiful in Spanish. The villa rented by the newlyweds had three tiers. It was a large Catalan manor house, with plenty of space and privacy. As the artists admit, it was easy and comfortable for everyone. The ceremony began on the upper level - on a marble balcony with stunning sea views. The violin quartet was playing, and the guests had the opportunity to chat while Julia tormented everyone in anticipation. But Kovalchuk and Chumakov decided to arrange the main party downstairs, on a covered area with a swimming pool. As Yulia says, “having dinner surrounded by fabulous landscapes and the aromas of specially created bouquets, together with loved ones and about what you are really looking forward to, is an incomparable sensation!”

We will remind, Alexey and Julia got engaged a year ago, in the spring of last year. As Kovalchuk admits, the marriage proposal came as a surprise to her: “Lesha made the proposal long before the wedding, in the spring of last year, shortly after we gave your magazine an interview and honestly said that we were absolutely comfortable with each other and without a stamp in passport. And it was the most unexpected and romantic proposal in the world. Once again I was convinced that everything beautiful and right happens in life only if a person really wants it. It took my man six years to make this decision, but with what responsibility and awareness he came to him!"


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