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What Did The Actor Rupert Grint Spend On Harry Potter Royalties?

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What Did The Actor Rupert Grint Spend On Harry Potter Royalties?
What Did The Actor Rupert Grint Spend On Harry Potter Royalties?
Video: What Did The Actor Rupert Grint Spend On Harry Potter Royalties?
Video: Rupert Grint Reacts to Himself in Harry Potter | Explain This | Esquire 2023, February

More recently, thanks to the British media, it became known what the 31-year-old Rupert Grint spent his royalties earned on the set of the fantastic Harry Potter movie


According to official figures, the young British actor Rupert Grint received £ 40 million playing Harry Potter's best friend in the film. The actor spent all this money, but it is very profitable, because the celebrity knows a lot about investments.

The British media reported that the money was spent on the purchase of real estate and the opening of three large companies that sell the same real estate. Additionally, another of his company is engaged in the purchase of real estate outside London in the UK. The insider explained that Rupert is not buying just profitable houses, he is choosing. Its main criteria are: good transport interchange and the ability to easily get to large cities. For example, his most recent acquisition was a £ 500,000 mansion in one of the counties of Britain. Prior to this, the media reported that Grint had acquired two neighboring houses in Luton for one and a half million pounds. These mansions are elite real estate in the country.

It is worth noting that in 2014 the actor's fortune was estimated at 13 million. He owns an empire, which covers a total area of ​​about 30 km, it is located in the very center of a suburban complex, which is considered the best suburb of London. Some of the mansions that Rupert's company acquired were immediately registered in the names of the actor's mother and father. Green's parents are also co-owners of these firms.

After Rupert had a huge success, acting in films about Harry Potter, the actor's parents decided to buy a townhouse. However, they did not live in it, but converted the premises into a luxury hotel. A day's stay in such a place will cost guests 150 pounds sterling (which is approximately 15,000 rubles). Also, the actor's parents are the owners of two huge farm houses, the total fortune of which is estimated at 3 million pounds.

Rupert himself is currently living with his beloved Georgia Groom. The couple is in no hurry to rush under the altar, but more recently they became the parents of a beautiful girl. Rupert and Georgia do not like to talk about their personal lives, so all official statements to the public are presented by their representative.

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