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Sick Coronavirus On His Anniversary: ​​Antonio Banderas Shared The Sad News

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Sick Coronavirus On His Anniversary: ​​Antonio Banderas Shared The Sad News
Sick Coronavirus On His Anniversary: ​​Antonio Banderas Shared The Sad News

Video: Sick Coronavirus On His Anniversary: ​​Antonio Banderas Shared The Sad News

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Video: Antonio Banderas says a heart attack helped him approach 'Pain and Glory' l GMA 2023, February

Today, August 10, 2020, the famous Spanish actor Antonio Banderas celebrates his birthday. Unfortunately, instead of a happy address to the fans, the actor had to deliver sad news


The fact that Antonio had contracted the coronavirus, he decided to inform the public on his own by publishing a post on his official page on the social network Instagram. Banderas explained that he was tested for the presence of coronavirus in the body and today he tested positive.

It is worth noting that today the celebrity is celebrating his anniversary. This year he turned 60, and fate decided that it was for such a "surprise" that the actor deserved.

“Today, August 10, I have to celebrate my 60-year-old sitting on self-isolation” - the birthday man signed the publication.

He decided to accompany such words with an archival children's photograph, in which Antonio is not more than a year old.

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Un saludo todos. Quiero hacer público que hoy, 10 de Agosto, me veo obligado celebrar mi 60 cumpleaños siguiendo cuarentenal haber dado positivo de lenfermedad COVID-19, causadpor el coronavirus. Me gustaríañadir que me encuentro relativamente bien, solo un poco más cansado de lo habitual y confiado en recuperarme lo antes posible siguiendo las indicaciones médicas que espero me permitan superar el proceso infeccioso que sufro y que tfectantas personas. Aprovecharé este aislamiento parleer, escribir, descansar y seguir haciendo planes parcomenzar darle significado mis recién estrenados 60 años los cuales llego cargado de ganas y de ilusión. Un fuerte abrazo todos. Antonio Banderas.

post shared by Antonio Banderas (@antoniobanderasoficial) on Aug 10, 2020 at 5:19 am PDT

Fortunately, the actor does not even think of losing heart, he does not fall into depression or panic. He decided to take a coronavirus test for a reason, but because he had been sick for some time. Banderas also said that there is no point in worrying about his state of health, he is not dying, but simply feels weaker than before. He promised his subscribers to recover as soon as possible.

Antonio is convinced that the quarantine should be done with benefit, this is a great time for all of us to do something useful. Banderas, in turn, reads books, tries to write scripts. The celebrity advised the public to rest on self-isolation as productively as possible.

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