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Vadim Galygin Is Still Getting Married

Vadim Galygin Is Still Getting Married
Vadim Galygin Is Still Getting Married
Video: Vadim Galygin Is Still Getting Married
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Showman Vadim Galygin still marries his beloved Olga Voinilovich… Let me remind you that at first there were reports in the press that Galygin proposed to the girl, then Olga left him, and now our journalists are again writing about the imminent wedding.

Recently Galygin celebrated his 34th birthday in Turkey with Olga and friends Timur Batrudinov, Garik Martirosyan and others. On this trip, they say, the TV presenter decided to take a serious step - he made a marriage proposal to Olya.

“Olga prepared a pleasant surprise for me on my birthday: she baked a big cake! - said Galygin. - And I made her an official marriage proposal, and she said yes to me. So we'll get married soon. And, perhaps, in the near future we will become parents. I dream about it."

Vadim and the Belarusian model Olga met five years ago at the opening of a ski center in Belarus. Voinilovich was invited to perform there. The romance of Galygin and Olga began even when Vadim was officially married. Therefore, the couple did not tell the public about their relationship. But after Vadim officially divorced, they began to appear together at social events.

The artist's first wedding was quite magnificent and took place in two stages: the first in Moscow, the second in Minsk. Galygin's second wedding promises to be no less luxurious. In any case, after returning from Turkey, Olga immediately went to wedding salons in search of a dress.

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