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Miley Cyrus On The Reasons For Her Addiction

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Miley Cyrus On The Reasons For Her Addiction
Miley Cyrus On The Reasons For Her Addiction
Video: Miley Cyrus On The Reasons For Her Addiction
Video: Miley Cyrus Reveals Her Reasons for Quitting Weed 2023, February

The famous American singer Miley Cyrus gave up drinking and soft drugs. In her last interview, she shared the reasons for her addiction


More than six months have passed since Miley last drank alcohol and smoked marijuana. The celebrity has never hidden her addiction to soft drugs and alcoholic beverages, but now her lifestyle has completely changed. What this is connected with, she explained in her interview.

Remaining in a sober mind for the past six months has helped her rethink life after surgery on the vocal cords, which the singer underwent in November last year. The rehabilitation period after the operation provided for Miley's complete silence, as well as a ban on the use of alcohol and especially marijuana. During this period of her life, she realized that her scandalous character is more connected with the upbringing that her parents gave her.

“My mother was adopted as a child, it was she who conveyed to me those feelings of abandonment and the desire to prove to the whole world that I am desirable and valuable. My dad was left alone at the age of three, his parents divorced, so he had to survive on his own. I studied our family history well and realized that there are a lot of mental health problems and different types of addictions in it” - shared Miley.

Realizing all this, the singer understood why she had such behavior, came to an understanding of the present and an awareness of who she wants to become in the future.

At the moment, the singer's parents continue to use soft drugs every day, they refused to lead a healthy lifestyle with the singer. This choice remains exclusively with them, so Cyrus has nothing against it.

“My favorite part of the interview is when I say, 'Anyone who smokes weed is a fool.' I still love to periodically send marijuana to my ancestors, they are still stubs. However, it was important for me to lead a healthy lifestyle for the last year, because I wanted to improve myself. I love when I have my 100% of the time and all this time I have 100% clear mind. I got tired of waking up disoriented, I realized that I like to get up in the morning with a sense of resilience. "

Well, such a change at the age of 27 can be considered a big step forward for a young singer. Perhaps this was one of the reasons for her divorce from Liam Hemsworth, because everyone has long known that the actor leads a healthy lifestyle, eats right and plays sports. Now Miley has embarked on the path of correction, I wonder if her new lover Cody Simpson supports her in this?

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