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Philip Kirkorov Has A Son

Philip Kirkorov Has A Son
Philip Kirkorov Has A Son
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Video: Филипп Киркоров - Жестокая любовь 2023, February

Philip Kirkorov - twice dad! The pop singer announced that he had a son in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. Kirkorov could not resist and told the news right at a concert in Sofia.

“It's incredibly exciting to perform in a city that is of great importance to me. My mother is buried here. And it's amazing that just today, having arrived in Sofia, I learned the happy news - my second child, a son, was born! You have no idea what a feeling of joy overwhelms me. Thanks to the Almighty for this! " - said the singer. The audience of many thousands burst into applause, and Philip himself could hardly hold back tears of joy.

The child's weight is 4 kg 200 g, height - 58 centimeters. The father has not yet chosen the name of his son. The identity of the baby's mother also remains a secret.

Recall that Kirkorov already has a daughter Alla Victoriaborn to a surrogate mother in America seven months ago. The singer also announced her birth from the stage when he was presented with the Golden Gramophone award. When Kirkorov brought the girl home, Alla Pugacheva, in whose honor the baby is named, joked: “Well, now we need another boy! And call him Maxim! " As you can see, Philip took the joke very seriously.

Pugacheva's ear knows about the second child of her ex-spouse. “Yes, Philip told me that he became a father. And I am very happy for him. You don't have to be hypocrites, you have to be kind people. Surrogacy is now very common among single people and therefore is welcomed all over the world! If this brings happiness to Kirkorov, I will only be happy!"

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