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Interesting Facts About Brooklyn Beckham's Future Wife

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Interesting Facts About Brooklyn Beckham's Future Wife
Interesting Facts About Brooklyn Beckham's Future Wife
Video: Interesting Facts About Brooklyn Beckham's Future Wife
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More recently, it became known that Brooklyn Beckham proposed to Nicole Peltz. From that moment on, their personal life is under the gun of journalists and paparazzi


The other day, fans managed to find out information about how much the engagement ring for the bride cost. Now we invite you to find out the most interesting facts about the life and career of actress Nicole Peltz.

  1. Nicole is the daughter of the very famous American billionaire Nielson Peltz. The man turned 78 this year, in addition to Nicole, there are seven more children in the family: six boys and one girl.
  2. One of the Nicole brothers is a professional hockey player. It's hard to imagine, but the girl herself was also involved in this sport as a child. She liked him so much that she dreamed of making herself a career as a hockey player.
  3. The girl's father is the head of the Jewish community in the United States. Brooklyn's bride is Jewish since birth.
  4. Nicole is currently a very successful American actress. She has already starred in several iconic films, and also took part in popular TV series. Pelts began her acting career at the age of 12, her parents immediately decided to hire a personal agent for the child, with whom she still works.
  5. Nine years ago, the actress was nominated for an award in the "Golden Raspberry" competition in the category "Worst Supporting Actress". Such a shame Nicole had to experience for her role in the project "The Lord of the Elements". The girl played the role of the lady of the water, and gained popularity, although she appeared in several episodes. The film was smashed to smithereens by film critics, but the audience was completely satisfied.
  6. The actress also starred in the music video of the famous American singer Zane Malik.
  7. The girl has always had interesting and unusual relationships with guys. Brooklyn is younger than Nicole, but this is not the only relationship with such an age difference. Four years ago, Peltz had a relationship with Justin Bieber, after which she began an affair with Anwar Hadid, who was four years her junior. She dated the latter for two years.
  8. Nicole Peltz has always had a perfect figure. With a height of 168 cm, she weighs 55 kg. Modeling agencies often offered the girl a job, but she is not interested in this.

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