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Irina Allegrova's New Acquisition

Irina Allegrova's New Acquisition
Irina Allegrova's New Acquisition
Video: Irina Allegrova's New Acquisition
Video: Ирина Аллегрова Концерт "Моно" 2023, February

After Irina Allegrova announced that she would stop touring, she also let slip that she intends to move to live where there will be a milder climate and there will not be such close attention to her.

It became known that the famous singer just recently bought a House in Italy. This information was confirmed by her daughter Lala. It should be noted that the seriousness of the singer's intentions was not questioned even when she started selling her property. So, in order to buy a house in Italy, Allegrova had to part with her most luxurious apartment in Miami.

Despite the fact that Irina Allegrova stops her singing career, she is not going to sit idly by. Her plans already include the purchase of a bakery. In addition to this, she is going to open her own bakery. Thus, someone goes to grow and sell flowers in Tashkent, and Allegrova decided to move to Tuscany and engage in the manufacture and sale of bakery and confectionery products.

It must be said that Allegrova is not the only star who has real estate abroad. For example, in the United States, Valery Leontyev was the first to appear - he bought a house in Miami for his wife. Today in Miami you can also meet Zhanna Friske or Natasha Koroleva. But Tatyana Lazareva with her husband Mikhail Shats and Glucose settled in Spain. In addition, there are quite a few Russian stars in Bulgaria. Lolita Milyavskaya, Arkady Ukupnik and Mikhail Boyarsky have real estate in this country. Of course, Philip Bedrosovich also has real estate in Bulgaria.

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