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Stephen Fry Visited St. Petersburg

Stephen Fry Visited St. Petersburg
Stephen Fry Visited St. Petersburg
Video: Stephen Fry Visited St. Petersburg
Video: Stephen Fry in St-Petersburg (part 1) 2023, February

British actor and writer Stephen Fry visited this weekend in St. Petersburg. Fry's goals were not only tourist: he is filming a film about Richard Wagnere for the Air Force and for the sake of this I visited the Mariinsky Theater with a film crew at a tetralogy "Ring of the Nibelung"… Fry's fans learned about all this from Twitter, where the actor blogs - Fry honestly announced his arrival.

"Sorry, Kiev and Moscow, but I will shoot in St. Petersburg: Wagner is performed here," Steven wrote his first message on this topic. “Next time, I hope, there will be all Mother Russia, Ukraine, etc.”

Then Fry posted touching messages about how he landed in Pulkovo, how fans greeted him with flowers and books - of course, because the news of the actor's arrival instantly spread throughout the network! Stephen posted a photo from the hotel - and St. Petersburg residents immediately determined: aha, he lives in Astoria. Particularly zealous rushed to the hotel and stumbled upon an actor signing autographs. Fry was kind enough to take pictures and answer questions - so, about "Alice in Wonderland" he said that he had not seen the film, but it would be fantastic.

After attending the first opera of the Rhine Gold trilogy, Fry wrote: “Awesome experience. It is still light in these parts. It’s strange. White Nights". The next day Fry went to the Valkyrie: “The opera starts at 3 o'clock. I love Wagner, but work … in general, while everything is long. " Before the opera, the actor visited the Hermitage, where he enjoyed painting. After the opera, Stephen continued to wonder that it was still light in St. Petersburg - and he had to go to bed, since tomorrow he was leaving for London.

In parting, the actor thanked all the fans who made his stay in the Northern Capital so warm. Well, we're just glad, Stephen - come again!

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