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Feel Like A King

Feel Like A King
Feel Like A King
Video: Feel Like A King
Video: Feel Like a King 2023, February

While the endless rain flooded the streets Petersburg, lovers of the sun and the sea warmed themselves up with positive music. Club A2 took merry fellows from the group King of bongo.

In anticipation of the concert (which, by the way, was delayed by 1.5 hours, but this did not bother anyone in the hall), fashionable, in some places Rastaman youth danced in a circle of like-minded people to break funk, soul and hip-hop. Well, when “Kings"Finally ripe for going out to the public, which, in turn, responded with grateful cries and joyful shouts.

The idea of ​​the group "King of bongo”Arose on the night from December 31 to January 1, 2005, when two energetic young men, picking up a guitar and bongos, played several fiery melodies inspired by the idea of ​​decorating the world with cheerful music. Over time, creative associates began to join the spontaneous duet - musicians, artists, actors, photographers. A random New Year's experiment spontaneously grew into a fun community.

CompositionsKing of bongo"Sound at the intersection of reggae, soul, funk, hip-hop and jazz. Such juggling with styles looks like the group was sent to sketches by their "teacher": James brown, Stevie wonder, Bob marley, «Bee gees". Participants "King of bongo»Worked hard, however, imitating the masters, they managed to develop their own unique style, formed from the modern beat, drive and theatrical chips. "Kingi"- stylish showmen. They love vintage costumes, look out into the hall from under colorful wigs through multi-colored funky glasses and scatter clouds of soap bubbles, clouds of sparkles and thunder of firecrackers around.

From point of view "King of bongo“, Joyful music is international, therefore, they mix musical traditions from different parts of the world in their work. An energetic recitative is combined with falsetto singing, jazz improvisation turns into a swift syncopated rhythm and suddenly suddenly explodes with swanky hip-hop. In short, an excellent summer feeling, in which everyone, without reservation, feels like "King».

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