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Prince Harry Is Afraid Of Being Abandoned By His Bride

Prince Harry Is Afraid Of Being Abandoned By His Bride
Prince Harry Is Afraid Of Being Abandoned By His Bride
Video: Prince Harry Is Afraid Of Being Abandoned By His Bride
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Red-haired royalty - prince harry - fears that his 25-year-old girlfriend Cressida Bonas can throw him. As Harry's friends say, he thinks Cressida "The only one"but not sure if the girl feels the same for him. Harry's fears about Cressida are based on the fact that Bonas does not want to marry the prince yet and is becoming part of the royal family. A spokesperson for Bonas says: “Cressida thinks her romance with Harry has developed too quickly and she would like to slow things down a little. She is used to living on her own schedule and is not yet ready to give up her usual life in favor of royal obligations."


Bonas's decision was influenced by her recent conversation with Kate Middleton… The Duchess of Cambridge encouraged Cressida to think about what she really wants. And if she chooses to marry Prince Harry, she needs to be prepared for the fact that she will always be incredibly busy.

It is worth noting that recently Elizabeth II made it clear to her grandson that he needed to get a wife by the age of 30. If Cressida does not agree to the marriage in the near future, then Harry will be forced to look for another candidate.

Meanwhile, the prince's friends also express their doubts about the possible marriage of Harry and Cressida. “I don’t think Cressida is ideal for Harry. Not because something is wrong in their relationship or the royal family does not like her, but because Bonas is too freedom-loving and it will be difficult enough for her to live happily in the royal house. She is unlikely to be able to fully adapt to this life. There is a certain protocol that has too many restrictions. And that can lead to problems for everyone,”says a friend of Prince Harry in an interview with E! News.

Recall that Cressida comes from an aristocratic family. Her mother is a lady Mary-Gay Curzon - daughter of Count Edward Curzon, and father, businessman Jeffrey Bonas - Godson of King Edward VII. Currently, Cressida works in marketing, not excluding the opportunity to try herself as a dancer. 29-year-old Harry, after leaving the army, transferred to London for clerical work, thanks to which he can spend all his free time with his beloved.

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