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First Love: The Main Characters

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First Love: The Main Characters
First Love: The Main Characters
Video: First Love: The Main Characters
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We have already told you about the youth musical "First Love", which starts on March 5 in the domestic box office. The picture is full of debutants: choreographer Egor Druzhinin first sat in the director's chair, singer Julia Savicheva became an actress, and students of GITIS Dmitry Burukin and Ilya Glinnikov learned what it means to be the main characters not on the theatrical stage, but in a musical.

So far, no one knows anything about these guys, except for scant biographical data. Dima born on August 26, 1988, at the age of 5 he took up ballroom dancing, later mastering modern ones. Three times he became the champion of Moscow in ballroom dancing, and in 2001 he took 2nd place in the championship of Russia. Worked in show ballet "Todes"… After school he entered GITIS, where he is now studying in the 4th year in the workshop Alexey Borodin… Plays in the performances "Crooks " and "Scandalous incident" on the stage of the educational theater of GITIS. I got into "First Love", as you already understood, thanks to a rare combination of acting and dance skills.

Ilya born on September 19, 1984. Now studying at GITIS on the 3rd course in the workshop Valeria Garkalina… Plays in the performances "Third shift "," Summer day "," Snow Maiden "… He is also a great football player: June 1, 2008 as part of the football team of pop stars "Starko" scored the decisive goal for the Italian team and brought victory to the Russian team. He got into "First Love" for an equally rare combination of acting and football skills.

This is where the knowledge about the guys is exhausted - and the journalists in the interviews tortured them about the same thing: who they are, what they are, how they got into the musical and how they felt about it. My turn to ask questions was, it seems, the tenth, no less. By this time, the guys already knew everything about each other and could easily switch roles.

Dima: Let's play a game - Ilya will talk about me, and I will talk about him!

Ilya: Dima comes up to me on the first day of rehearsal and asks: "Hey, how much will you get paid for this film?" I answer him: "I was taught not to talk about it." And he told me: “Yes? But when I found out, I was stunned. " “You know, me too,” I answer him. This is how our acquaintance happened.

Dima has been involved in ballroom dancing for 14 years, he has a CCM in ballroom dancing, and he also played football. He constantly lived in creativity, watched a good movie, read a lot, then decided to enter GITIS. Now he is finishing it, studying in the 4th year, Borodin's workshop. He has professional performances - this is "Crooks" Ostrovsky, he plays there a crazy doctor in the educational theater of GITIS. By the way, we invite you all to watch it.

Dima and Julia on the set


Dima was invited to the casting by his girlfriend - she told him about such a project "First Love". He comes, looks - everyone is dancing! Due to the fact that Dima was engaged in dancing, possessed plasticity and choreography, he danced well, sang amazingly - the song of the Bremen musicians. Then he came to audition 4 times, 3 times auditioned with Julia Savicheva - they have a very good relationship. That's how I got the role. As Dima would like to say, not a single person on this project was without casting.

Egor Druzhinin and Dima Burukin


Dima: As for Ilya, he is a very creative person. Originally from Tula - such a Tula gingerbread. He was also professionally engaged in dancing. Plays football in the "Starko" team of the national team of pop stars. Ilya's first shooting day was connected with the fact that there was the World Cup among pop stars, they played in the final with the Italians and won 2: 1 - and Ilya scored the winning goal! It was with this euphoria that he arrived on the first day of shooting - it passed on to me, and we caught some kind of spark that should be in this film.

Ilya got to the casting like this: he has a friend - an assistant director, who said that Yegor will shoot a youth film, and there they need guys who are 17 years old, they sing, dance and play football and have acting skills.Ilya asked to show Yegor his photographs. A friend began to doubt: they say, he is more than years old - he does not fit! To which Ilya replied: "Show me a man who at the age of 17 owns acting, knows how to dance, sing and play football." He agreed, sent the photos to the casting - and then Ilya was called and invited to audition. And when they told him that he was taken, Ilya very businesslike and restrained said: "Alla?.. Yes?.. Thank you," then hung up, opened the window in the car and yelled: "AAAAAAAA!". At the casting, Ilya, by the way, sang a song "Shaggy bumblebee".

Ilya at rehearsals


Ilya also has a professional performance "Third shift", producer - Philip Grigoryan… I went to see it and think that this is a very strong work of Ilya - and in general a very interesting performance: such an underground, where there are no theater laws, which are simply boring. Ilya just found himself there.

As for his hero, Ilya would very much like to say that his Vania I was always used to being a leader, all the girls always hung themselves on him - and then the girl they met near the club suddenly became interested in his friend, that is, in my hero. It hurts him, and some kind of struggle begins - it is not that he also falls in love with this Tanya, but there is simply a struggle: why did they not choose him ?! He was just jealous of a friend. He was possessed simply by emotions and passion - as in plays Rastana, Molierelike u Othello Shakespeare! Vanya is the only hero of the film who changes dramatically. He apologizes at the end - which is very rare for Vanya. He apologizes to a friend, which is hard to do.

Ilya and the other guys: the test of ballet


Ilya: Alexander's father is a very pragmatic person, a successful businessman. Sasha is from a wealthy family - but he has some kind of spark of feelings, love for music, creativity, dancing. His father wants to put him in a successful institute and does not take his dancing as something serious. This is the problem of fathers and children. Dmitry was looking for an answer to the question of why his hero behaves this way, why he does not tell his father what is important to him. And he made amazing finds in this character. In addition, I experienced a real feeling of love: I saw their eyes with Juliawhen they played the kiss scene. You know, here you have such a chance to play love with a classmate - she substituted you for 4 years at the institute, and you need to love her - so, Dima found a trait in Yulia that he loved, and then he could fall in love with a take, then get out of it and already communicate normally as friends and colleagues.

The atmosphere on the set was amazing. For Yegor, this is his film debut - but he is a great professional. He gave us 2 months of rehearsals, during which we got to know each other, found common ground - so there was no shyness on the set.

Dima and Julia soar on the site


In our press release it is written that when there was a kiss scene, you were given some kind of screen

Ilya: Yegor is a professional, he lived with this project and gave us the opportunity to give ourselves completely to him. He simply created a situation of the first kiss on the set for Dima and Yulia, an atmosphere of love. It was not that they were shy - it was Yegor who did everything so that the guys would believe in it. If you yourself do not believe in this first kiss, in this love, then the viewer will not believe you. Dima worked a lot on this scene - he even deliberately made Julia fall in love with himself on the set. He found what then contributed to the frame to be real.

Dima: I also saw the process of Ilya's work on the role - he turned himself around, looked for why Vanya was doing this, why he was doing it.

Dima and Julia: those kisses

Ilya: Sometimes a partner on stage is like an accessory. You don't see him, you don't hear him, you play your tune. And we, Dima and Yulia, developed such a tandem, we understood each other so much! Of course, the team led by Egor Druzhinin… We all wrote down the states of our hero in a notebook: why did he behave this way, why did he now come to the frame in such a state. This partnership made such a good film.

Dima: The film will be released before the 8th of March, and I think it will be a good gift for young lovers. If a boy is 16-17 years old, he fell in love with a girl - and if he invites her to this film, it will be such a subtle hint of his feelings!

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