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Interview 2023

Vasily Stepanov: "I Am Now In Self-knowledge"

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Vasily Stepanov: "I Am Now In Self-knowledge"
Vasily Stepanov: "I Am Now In Self-knowledge"
Video: Vasily Stepanov: "I Am Now In Self-knowledge"
Video: Помните этого актера. Василий Степанов стал инвалидом... 2023, February

Not so long ago Vasily Stepanov talked to me for the magazine "Healthy people" - talked about diets and workouts for "Inhabited Island", about the brightest childhood memory, about your fears and attitude towards God: there is something to read, I assure you, so hurry up to look for a fresh issue! Here we will learn about what was not included in the magazine. So, Vasily Stepanov - about cinema, music and something else.

Vasya, tell us about the cable system you used to do your stunts in Inhabited Island

- There were two scenes: a fight with a gang Pied Piper in the first film and in the second - with the hero Alexey Serebryakov… It was amazing! I do not even know how to explain: a special belt with cables half a finger thick is put on. The main thing there is to learn how to balance on them, so that later you can competently land, fly into the air or fall. But what we did was just flowers. We worked with stuntmen who put on "300 Spartans"… They showed their working materials for other films, so that it was clear what they could do at all - there are simply awesome things! A man flies off the ground by 2 meters, then falls, runs, he is pulled out again - very cool!

Serebryakov talked about the technology of filming the fight itself and complained that it was very difficult

- Yes, it was very difficult for us with him. Firstly, in Sudak, where we filmed the final scenes, there was a terrible heat - and we were in costumes, physical activity was great. Nightmare! Secondly, our scene with Serebryakov was filmed in one shot, in rapid speed, in a circular panorama - it was something beyond. At first, the guys wanted to shoot everything in pieces, but we specifically asked them to come up with one plan, because it’s more beautiful and doesn’t “interrupt” you. Maxim Osadchiy I was sitting on the camera - they drove him in a circle in one direction, then after a while - in the other, and at this moment we are working. A lot of film was killed for this, the reel somewhere - because such a scene is difficult to shoot with just one shot. We did five or six takes, but first we rehearsed everything - we knew this scene step by step! I don't know, maybe this has already happened somewhere, but to shoot a fight for one and a half minutes with just one shot, where all these blows, acting out emotions, is simply amazing. I really liked what I saw. It's cool for me - and a good experience.

Serebryakov and Stepanov in the film


Working moments of filming


Did your parents see the movie? What did they say?

- Yes, they saw it - they liked it. But they are not theatrical people - they cannot say anything about the game. They are pleased that the child has starred in a movie. Dad is glad, looked, said: yes, okay. Mom liked it too. Well, the main thing is to make them feel good.

Your family, relatives, do not get journalists because of your fame?

- No, thank God. I gave my parents instructions: not to tell anyone anything about me!

There are big discussions on the Internet now about your future: the people are worried that you played an amazing image that was not in our cinema - and now you will be driven into the cops, into the foremen, into everything that we now have on the screen and what did you take at the exams at the institute. But this is in abundance on our screens - but I would like you to be different or to play a simple guy from life

- Of course, I would also like to play a normal "guy from life", but it's too early to talk about it. Shouting at 23: "No, I can still change!" - It seems to me that this is somehow wrong. I then thought that I still need to adhere to some position of my own. Yes, now I have such a role. If something else is proposed, please. Any role can be outgrown, there would be a desire and desire for this. Or maybe I would like to be in such a heroic image, why not. If different genres develop in our cinema, including historical action and science fiction, people, I hope, will somehow react less painfully to this.And if they are interested in my work, then regardless of who I played: a positive hero or a negative one, a villain or a lover, a social role or something else.

“But for now you are a hero. And some people compare you with the hero of Sergei Bodrov 10 years ago - his "Brother" was then a hero of the time

- I think that I cannot be compared with Bodrov at all, and with his hero too. Maxim Kammerer - yes, a hero, but he is a super-hero, they are drawing a comic about him now. This is a completely different genre, and, probably, there has never been such a hero in our cinema. BUT Danila Bagrov - more human and real. I heard about Bodrov that he was not even so much an actor as an amazing personality, and had such qualities that were simply visible on the screen. That is, it was not so much his acting that shocked him, but precisely his inner saturation and position in life. Therefore, I believe that there are absolutely two different worlds here, real and fantastic, and what he had was still cooler than what I have done now.


When you entered the theater, what really surprised you the most, what did you not expect from the theatrical life and study?

- Yes, everything was surprised, I guess. I thought that we would be taught there in some special way, there will be some rules by which to practice - perhaps, like in sports. But it turned out that you educate yourself in a sense, educate yourself under a clear leadership that does not appear outwardly. And you yourself are looking for ways that would help you to be convincing on stage. I thought it would be somehow different.

You told me that you bought yourself a synthesizer. Have you already mastered it? And why did you buy this particular instrument?

- I'm interested in learning how to play it. I have long wanted to do this, and when the opportunity came up, I thought: let me buy it while I have the money, otherwise I’ll spend it later … I went to Gorbushka, bought it, brought it home - and so it’s worth it: I was not ready for this, I just no time to master.

Do you play the guitar?

- I play a little - but also without much enthusiasm. I can sometimes play something like that in a company - with humor, for example. Generally speaking, I have moments when I am “pissed off”, I like it - I play some chords and, as they say, what I see, I sing. So, purely laugh.

Everyone is interested in what kind of music you like

- Indeed, the most popular question now. I do not have such a thing to filter, weed out - what is fashionable now, what is not fashionable, what is modern and what is not. I rely more on the radio: I have about 6 stations in my car, I drive and switch them all the time. So I understand what is good and what is not. I like club music, and sometimes I listen to rock and pop music. I'm not really into music, I like everything: and "Metallica", and some Russian music, Vysotsky I can listen, something else. If something falls into my ear and mood, then I listen.


You fought with your brother as a child?

- Sure. It's okay.

Are you more of an older brother or comrade for him?

- Well, how to say … we still live in our own way. I am not an overseer to my brother, because in childhood he declared himself to be very independent, and I realized that there was no point in putting pressure on him or rubbing him in about life. I was also independent. My parents did not particularly oppress me, and my brother, using my example, made sure that I did not put pressure on him.

I read, you liked the movie "Hitman" - why?

- I don’t know, it seems to me that they made a good image of a cold-blooded killer - namely, a detached one, who has his own specific goals and objectives.

What else did you like from the last movie?

- "Paradise Lake" - I was just shocked. At first I thought from the poster that these were horror films - and this is just tin. I left the cinema just in shock, I was so crazy with the composure and recklessness of teenagers. I think this is a very modern film. Children play something, imagine themselves as heroes and do not notice how they are flirting. But it's one thing when it goes in a good direction, and quite another - when it results in situations like in the film.


You starred with such famous actors as Garmash, Kutsenko - who else would you like to work with from our cinema?

- I didn't really think about this. I haven’t determined for myself yet. My main thing now is study.

And I would like to make my own movie - that's how Petya Fedorov?

- Now I would not want to. I don't think I have enough experience for this. I'm still studying. And if after some time there will be an opportunity to film something, if I understand that I could do it, and they will offer me - maybe I would. And now - you have to study, take care of yourself, so I'm not ready for the director's chair yet. I am now in self-knowledge.

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