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Darren Aronofsky Made Mickey Rourke Cut His Face

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Darren Aronofsky Made Mickey Rourke Cut His Face
Darren Aronofsky Made Mickey Rourke Cut His Face
Video: Darren Aronofsky Made Mickey Rourke Cut His Face
Video: DP/30 - The Wrestler's Mickey Rourke & Darren Aronofsky 2023, February

Film director "The Wrestler" Darren Aronofsky arrived in Russia for the premiere of his picture - it starts at the box office today, April 26. He spent the day in Moscow, talked to journalists and moved to St. Petersburg. “I arrived in the morning, I haven't had time to see anything yet - but it looks cool. I'm already looking forward to spending three days here. I'm a big fan Dostoevsky, so I want to go through all the scenes of "Crime and Punishment". Also, perhaps I will join the nightlife - how is it with you, okay? I want to taste your cuisine. As for the Hermitage, I will, of course, but I'm not a big fan of museums."

Darren did not avoid communication with the local press, which saw The Wrestler at a press screening in the cinema the day before. "Crystal Palace"… If anyone else does not know, then let me remind you: Mickey Rourke played an aging wrestler in this film Randy "Ram" Robinson - the guy who gave his whole life to this strange, but America's favorite kind of sports show. For the role of "Ram" Rourke was nominated for an Oscar, happily conceded it Sean Penn, which did not stop him and Aronofsky from becoming the new heroes of Hollywood. After all, the film was shot literally for a pittance - only 6 million dollars, which Darren collected bit by bit from everyone who could give. The main problem was the figure of Rourke, for which no one wanted to give money - they even had to go to the trick and invite him to the project Nicolas Cage, who two days later broke an incredible fee and dropped out of the game. In such a cunning way, Mickey still played his best role in recent years, which was written especially for him.

“When the script was being written, we initially saw Rourke starring,” says Aronofsky. - Screenwriter Robert Siegel I even hung a photo of him over my desk for inspiration. Much in the script is from Mickey's biography, for me this film has become a kind of documentary picture about his life.


At the same time, both Darren and Robert were not at all sure that Rourke would be able to act in their film - the actor's lifestyle questioned the whole idea. But when Cage appeared on the set and worked for a couple of days, everyone realized - including Nicholas - that no one except Rourke could play this role. Daren again turned to Mickey and said that he would find money for him if he would pull himself together and work. Rourke, clever, did not miss the chance. While Aronofsky was collecting the necessary budget, the actor was getting in shape, eating right and gaining the right weight. True, he tried to persuade Daren to abandon the idea of ​​wrestling.

“He’s a professional boxer, so he didn’t really want to be in a wrestling movie,” Daren laughs. - I even tried to persuade me to change the sport in the script. But that's what I wanted to film. I'm not a fan of wrestling, I watched it as a teenager for a couple of months - that's all. And when I grew up, I thought: why didn't anyone shoot anything about this sport? There are films about boxing, about anything - just not about wrestling. I began to study it, and the more I learned, the more I became imbued with it. Wrestling is very popular in America! This is, of course, more of a show than a sport and outside the ring the wrestlers are very supportive of each other. Although, of course, not always everyone has friendly relations - guys can really figure out who is cooler outside the ring.

Darren speaks to the audience at the Aurora cinema

Aronofsky had been hatching the idea of ​​the film since the late 90s, and when he got around to the script, he rewrote it 30 times - the director wanted everything to be perfect. The result - incredible hype, Oscar nominations and unconditional recognition of the film by professional wrestlers who even shed a tear on Mickey Rourke's shoulder - so the guys were impressed.

Despite the fact that wrestling is a show, all injuries and injuries in it are real. A kind of pain, elevated into art, trauma as part of the work.There is an episode in the film when Randy secretly pulls a razor out of a bandage on his arm and cuts his forehead so that blood flows to heighten the effect. As Aronofsky said, this is a fairly common technique: before the performance, the wrestlers drink two aspirin tablets diluted in a glass of whiskey - this cocktail thins the blood, and as a result, at the slightest cut, it flows like a river.

“Before filming, I wanted to make sure how eager Mickey was to work,” says Darren. - So I told him about this technique and asked if he was ready to really cut his forehead. Obviously, I was not going to seriously make him ugly - I just wanted to test the guy's strength. We have already ordered faux leather for $ 3,000 - a gigantic amount of money for our budget! But on the day of filming, Mickey said that he would do everything himself. I tried to forbid him to do this - if he brought himself some kind of infection, the insurance company would not cover our costs due to downtime. To which Rourke replied: “Fuck, I'll do what I want! Your job is to make sure the camera works. " And he really did it - he cut his forehead. And that fake leather had to be thrown in the trash.

What was it like working with Mickey Rourke?

- Difficult. He is a very big perfectionist, but he is also very lazy. However, in the intervals between the commands "Motor" and "Cut" Mickey is very talented and gives all the best.

How long did you rehearse each scene?

- Mickey doesn't rehearse. Usually we needed to film 2-4 takes for him to learn the words. After that, he immediately wanted to run home, and from there - to some get-together. I had to take his watch and phone away from him so that he would not control the time - this was the only way to get him to do a couple of takes more.

Mickey said in an interview that he thought of wearing a hearing aid himself - and you hated it and shouted to him: "No Stanislav props!" Are you really such an opponent of the Stanislavsky system?

- No, no, I think this is a very good system - sometimes, in my opinion, the actors go too far and think a lot about it. About this joke, I said to Mickey: ok, leave it on the condition that you don't touch it. He tried to somehow beat her - and I didn't want him to do it.

You are now for Mickey - like Quentin Tarantino for John Travolta: he also shot him in "Pulp Fiction" after a long break and gave a second chance to his career

- Well, I'm so happy for Mickey that he can work again. I'm a big fan of him and I want to see what films he will do next.

"The Wrestler" is filmed mainly in muted winter colors. There are bright colors only in the bar and in the ring. Why is that?

- It emphasizes the end of the show, this is the border between fake and life. The real world is much harsher, and the color shows the appeal of fantasy. Good observation. I'm glad you saw it.

He holds the bouquet like a bat

Your next project is Robocop. Can you tell us something about him?

- We are in the process of work. There is no script yet, so nothing is known at all. The casting was not carried out either, I did not think about it at all - since there is not even a script.

You also have to shoot the boxing film "The Fighter" with Mark Wahlberg. How will he be different from The Wrestler?

- I no longer participate in this project.

You directed Pi, Requiem for a Dream, Fountain and Wrestler. What's your favorite movie?

- Most of all I am proud of "Fountain", but I have no favorite. For me personally, the best thing I have shot is Fountain, because it is the most difficult thing that I have ever done.

But all your films are very different in style. Why is that? Do you try to find something new every time?

- I just always try to push myself, be open and honest with the material. I believe that every story has its own truth that you need to discover. Its own truth and its own style.

And in what style will the next project be then? How do you feel about it?

- Well, I usually read the script first and try to figure out what it sounds like.

Do you like comics, Frank Miller - would you like to make a comic yourself?

- Well, everyone is doing comics now, so I want to try something different.

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