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Meryem Uzerli Showed Her Subscribers Photos With Her Future Spouse

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Meryem Uzerli Showed Her Subscribers Photos With Her Future Spouse
Meryem Uzerli Showed Her Subscribers Photos With Her Future Spouse

Video: Meryem Uzerli Showed Her Subscribers Photos With Her Future Spouse

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Video: Мерьем Узерли вышла на красную дорожку в "голом" платье (Канны 2019) 2023, January

The famous Turkish actress Meryem Uzerli still decided to reveal her personal secret and show her future spouse


On the eve of Valentine's Day, the celebrity could not stand it and showed the father of her second child, who will soon become an official spouse for the actress. Unfortunately, Meryem did not turn to her chosen one in any way, but only showed how he looks externally.

The 37-year-old Turkish actress in temporary publications on the social network Instagram, showed a box of sweets that she prepared for her lover. The box with sweets and other gifts was decorated with two joint photographs in which fans could see their beloved Uzerli. Who this man is is still unknown, but he has a fairly large build, a very thick black beard and long hair, gathered in a knot at the back of his head. So far, journalists have not been able to identify the identity of the future husband of the actress, but, most likely, Meryem herself will tell about the chosen ones soon. The celebrity very carefully concealed the father of her second child. She spoke about her second pregnancy when she was four months old, but did not give any comments about her father.

A few months before the birth of her second daughter Lily Koi, Meryem gave an interview in which she mentioned her lover and their romance. Then the celebrity explained that she is very happy in a new relationship, her future husband is an American who has his own business. The man even had to move to Germany for the sake of the actress, because it is there that she lives with her daughter from her first marriage. Uzerli also said that as soon as she leaves maternity leave, she is going to return to her career, and for this she needs to be in Turkey. The actress says that she talked with the chosen one about this, he fully supports her intentions and is ready to move to her homeland for permanent residence to Meriem.

In her last interview, the actress admitted that very soon we will see her in a wedding dress. The wedding ceremony will be closed, but the celebrity promised to show photos from the celebration. Recall that this marriage will be the second for Meryem. From the first relationship, a woman brings up her daughter Lara, a few weeks ago she turned 7 years old. For the sake of the child's emotions, the actress even changed into the costume of SuperMario, Lara's favorite character.

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