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Actress Saba Sahar Received A Gunshot: Unknown Men Shot The Car

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Actress Saba Sahar Received A Gunshot: Unknown Men Shot The Car
Actress Saba Sahar Received A Gunshot: Unknown Men Shot The Car
Video: Actress Saba Sahar Received A Gunshot: Unknown Men Shot The Car
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44-year-old Saba Sahar is an Afghan actress who changes the way she thinks about the country every day


Saba became the first woman in Afghanistan to be allowed to become a director and producer. On August 26, a woman was attacked in Kabul, after which she was taken to a hospital.

The husband of the actress Enamel Zaki said that there were three attackers, all men. Saba drove to work in her car when the shooting began. In the car, besides the celebrity, there was a child, a driver and two bodyguards.

The man also said that Sugar received a bullet in the stomach, so she had to undergo emergency surgery. The woman has already been transferred to the general ward, the operation was successful. How his wife is feeling at the moment, Enamel decided not to comment for personal reasons. Zaki reports that he heard gunfire five minutes after his wife left the house.

During the shootout, both bodyguards were injured, but nothing threatens their lives at the moment, the child and the driver of the car remained unharmed. At the moment, no terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the deed.

“I immediately ran to the scene and found them wounded. Saba was immediately given first aid, and then she was taken away by an ambulance, after the operation we decided to take her to the hospital under the police” - says Enamel.


The celebrity is known in the country not only as a talented director and actress, she is also an ardent fighter for women's rights in Afghanistan. In her paintings, she reveals the problems associated with corruption in the country and the unfair treatment of women.

In the early 90s, when the country was going through a civil war, Sahar decided to leave the territory. For ten years she lived outside her homeland, where she took courses for a young fighter. When Saba returned to Afghanistan in 2000, she already had the rank of a police officer.

In 2004, she presented her first film, which is called "Law". The project received a huge amount of positive feedback and comments.

“I want to reach out to all the conservatives who lock their daughters and wives in their homes. They must go out, get an education and work for the good of the country. They should receive at least a little money to help rebuild Afghanistan. " - Sahar said at the premiere of the film.

Also, the actress has repeatedly said in her interviews that she receives threatening notes. They say goodbye to her family and loved ones, as she will very soon say goodbye to the white light.

“Every morning, when I leave the house, I realize that I can die and never see my family again” - Sugar admits.

Law enforcement agencies, however, said that recently in Afghanistan, attacks and murders of people associated with cultural activities have become more frequent.

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