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"Men In Black" Personnel Changes Await

"Men In Black" Personnel Changes Await
"Men In Black" Personnel Changes Await
Video: "Men In Black" Personnel Changes Await
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Another cult film from the early 2000s, Men in Black, is gearing up for a reboot. This was recently announced by representatives of the film company Sony Pictures. The bosses of the company told the press that the new "Men in Black" will be even more interesting than the previous ones, and the humor that will be present in the film will not leave any viewer indifferent.

True, to some regret for fans of this film franchise, Tommy Lee will not return to starring. The plot will undergo some changes, as a result of which a woman will play the main role on the screen.


This was officially announced by the producer of the project, Laurie MacDonald. It is possible that Will Smith will return to the project, playing Agent Jay, but so far his participation is not expected.

“We’ll have an outstanding woman in black, but we don’t discount Will,” McDonald said. The main cast of the new film is likely to be mixed.

Recall that earlier representatives of Sony Pictures announced the new "Men in Black" as a trilogy.

Meanwhile, until the shooting began, Will Smith began to think about politics. “When I look at the political arena, I think there may well be a future for me. Perhaps they will need me there. I observe the situation in the country and sometimes get very worried. Once I was so angry that I could not sleep, "- said the actor the other day in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

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