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Justin Bieber Lit Up In Front Of The Public With His Underwear

Justin Bieber Lit Up In Front Of The Public With His Underwear
Justin Bieber Lit Up In Front Of The Public With His Underwear
Video: Justin Bieber Lit Up In Front Of The Public With His Underwear
Video: Justin Bieber Loses His Pants On Stage 2023, February

Justin Bieber turned his fans around in surprise as he walked out shirtless and showed off his tattoos and muscles as he left the DOGPOUND Gym in West Hollywood, California on the morning of January 28th.

Justin Bieber, 25, proved he looked healthy and in good shape when he left the gym where he did his morning workout on January 28th. The singer was not wearing a shirt when he walked out after a session at the DOGPOUND gym in West Hollywood, California and showed off his tattoo that filled his chest and arms, as well as silky silky "Gucci" shorts that were placed low enough to allow his white Calvin Klein boxers peek out. He also wore Supreme x Nike SB Gato sneakers and a black baseball cap back and to the side as he crossed his arms at one point and took a serious look.


Justin's confession comes after his ex-fiancee Selena Gomez, 27, once again made headlines, claiming she suffered "emotional abuse" during their reconciliations and breakups that lasted from 2011 to 2018. “I found strength in this,” she told NPR while promoting her new album, Rare, in an interview that was released on January 26th. “It is dangerous to remain in the victim mentality. And I am not being disrespectful - I feel that I have become a victim of certain abuses on his part."

After clarifying, she was referring to "emotional abuse", Selena went on to talk about what she learned during the relationship. “I needed to find a way to understand this as an adult,” she explained. “I had to be aware of the choice I made. While I definitely don't want to spend the rest of my life talking about it, I am really proud to say that I feel stronger than ever and I found a way to just go through it with as much gratitude as possible."

Unlike Selena, Justin, after their long relationship, separation and separation, a little later married Hailey Baldwin, 23, to whom he dedicated his new single "Yummy", and also recently released his own 10-episode documentary series called "Justin Bieber: Seasons”, which shows the process of recording his new album Changes, and in the second episode his beloved wife revealed that she loves being in the studio and watching her husband do what he does best.

“I love being a part of this process,” she admitted. “I love to watch him do what he does, even if I’m lying on the couch until three or four in the morning, watching stupid shows or just being around. I just enjoy the energy that comes from him. We make it a really fun process. We bring friends, people just hang out. I just feel at home wherever he is, so if we're in the studio, I feel like I'm at home."

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