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Selena Gomez Released New Spanish Video "De Una Vez" In Which She Sings About Her Past Love

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Selena Gomez Released New Spanish Video "De Una Vez" In Which She Sings About Her Past Love
Selena Gomez Released New Spanish Video "De Una Vez" In Which She Sings About Her Past Love
Video: Selena Gomez Released New Spanish Video "De Una Vez" In Which She Sings About Her Past Love
Video: Selena Gomez - De Una Vez (Official Video) 2023, February

Selena Gomez has just released the song and video "De UnVez", her first Hispanic song in two years, inspired by her relationship with Justin Bieber

After a year of talk about Selena Gomez working on a Spanish-language project, the 28-year-old singer gave fans a reason to shout “me encanta” on January 15th. Selena released her first song in Spanish called "De UnVez", starting with the track "Taki Taki" in 2018. In the song, Selena sings about a heavy past love that fans were convinced it might be 26-year-old Justin Bieber. “Yno duele como antes, no / Lheridde tu amor sanó,” she sings in the opening text, which is translated as: “This is not so. Not as painful as before, no / The wound of your love has healed."

"De unvez por tod '/ Soy más fuerte," she then says, translating as "Once and for all / I am stronger alone." The melody's powerful message seems to echo the vibrations of her successive singles, including her first # 1 "Lose You To Love Me" and "Look At Her Now." Despite the relationship problems she sings about in "De Unz Vez", she sings about not regretting the past, saying that her soul and heart are now bulletproof.

Hispanic fans immediately took to Twitter with their theories, while others quickly translated the lyrics to Google. “Justin Bieber after DE UNVEZ translation,” wrote one fan, adding a

Selena in the video was wearing a floral midi dress inspired by the 70s, adorned with a blazing pink heart. In the video filmed Los Pèrez, she makes her way through a house with a green carpet (which gave a serious Gucci vibe) as she walks out of the bedroom, kitchen and living room. At some point, she leans against the corner of the wall, which begins to crumble and crack. Towards the end of the video, objects, including a suitcase and a guitar, possibly belonging to the lover in question, fly violently through the broken roof of the house. At the end of the credits, the screen says “dance with me” in Spanish.

It was rumored that Selena had a Spanish-language project when fans of Selena Gomez noticed advertising murals popping up in Mexico. In addition to "De UnVez", these murals included the phrase "BailConmigo", which, according to many fans of her work, is either the title of a second song or could be the title of her Spanish-language album. Selena has confirmed the upcoming premiere of De UnVez on January 14th. EstNoche. “Save Ahora,” she tweeted, along with a photo of her in a floral dress with an illuminated Immaculate Heart over her chest.

“This was what I wanted to do for 10 years working on a Spanish project because I am so proud of my legacy and truly felt that I wanted this to happen,” she said in an interview published on Apple Music on January 14. … “You know what's funny, I really think I sing better in Spanish. It was a lot of work and listen, you can't mispronounce anything … I'm focused on my legacy and I'm very excited,”she said.


It looks like this project has been worked on for ten years. Fans discovered a tweet from Selena in 2011 that said, "I can't wait for you all to hear the Spanish record, it sounds so great." In 2002, Selena told Billboard that "a whole vessel of good news is coming," which could include a Spanish-language project. However, she is very familiar with recording music in Spanish. She released "Un Año Sin Lluvia" from Selena Gomez's album and The Scene 2010's "A Year Without Rain". In 2018, she teamed up with DJ Snake to create Taki Taki.

Selena's Spanish-language music emerged after one of the most successful years of her life. She peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 at the end of 2019 with the Justin Bieber-inspired song "Lose You To Love Me." Rare's next album became her third number 1. Since the COVID-19 pandemic canceled all her touring plans, Selena spent a year focusing on music projects.She also made her debut on the HBO Cooking Show Max, Selena + Chef. She also landed the lead role in the upcoming TV series "There Are Only Killers In The Building." In addition, she also launched her Rare Beauty line.

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