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Who Became Woody Allen's 16-year-old Mistress While The Man Was Married?

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Who Became Woody Allen's 16-year-old Mistress While The Man Was Married?
Who Became Woody Allen's 16-year-old Mistress While The Man Was Married?
Video: Who Became Woody Allen's 16-year-old Mistress While The Man Was Married?
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The once famous model Christina Engelhardt made a shocking statement: when she was just a teenager, she met with the famous actor and director Woody Allen


In 1976, when Christina was only sixteen years old, the famous director turned 41! The model assures that they were having an affair by mutual consent, she liked the way she felt next to an adult man.

The famous man Woody Allen and Mia Farrow have been officially married for over twelve years. It was during this period of his life that Woody found himself a passion in the form of the model Christina Engelhardt. The woman herself spoke about this in her last interview, which will be shown in the new documentary from HBO "Allen vs. Farrow". The model also said that the director's beloved knew about their romance, and that Woody systematically “walks to the left”.

What was Allen's relationship with the young model like?

The former model recalls that she met the director at a very expensive New York establishment. At that time, Woody was already at the peak of popularity, success came to him after the stunning picture "Sleeping". At that moment, the man was working on another of his future masterpiece "Manhattan". In this picture, Allen himself played the main role. According to the plot, the middle-aged protagonist fell in love with a 17-year-old schoolgirl, and did not know what to do with it. All subsequent years, the relationship between Woody and Christina resembled the plot of this picture. The model says that they secretly met for more than eight years, over the years they managed to develop their own personal rules that allowed them to be in the shadow of the press and the eyes of Mia Farrow.

Christina explains that she was forbidden to talk about her so young age, and the director's work was also a taboo topic. All secret meetings took place exclusively at Allen's house. At that time, the model felt like an adult next to a celebrity and certainly did not think about the fact that she was being used. Only now, Engelhardt realizes that the man was manipulating her, and did everything with her and her mind that he also wanted.


“The fact that we never mentioned my age because I was a real teenager was a very smart move. It made me feel like I was really grown up. He constantly asked me questions - what do I think about this, and what about this? This made me very nervous, because I understood that my opinion was important to him. Of course, it was all very exciting for me. I have always believed that he cares not only about my body, but also about my mind. But in all the years he has never invited me to have dinner together or just on a date. " - recalls the model.

Christina emphasized that their meetings were very short, she never even stayed with Woody overnight. Of course, such "gatherings" ended in an intimate relationship.

"Glass of wine. A very short conversation. Game of chess. Sex. After that he immediately told me: “Excellent. It's time for you to leave. Let me know how you will be next time in town” - recalls Christina.

The fact is that the model came specially to the director in New Jersey, she herself lived in another city. As for their intimate relationships, somewhere at the age of 17, Allen persuaded an aspiring model to have a threesome. The second girl in their bed was another mistress of Woody.

Christina and Woody's relationship ended after 8 long years. The reason for this was the director's refusal to help the girl in her career. She realized that she was just being used and broke up a toxic romance. During that period of her life, Engelhardt immediately decided to completely change everything: she left the United States and went to work in Rome.

Earlier, Christina Engelhardt had already given an interview in which she talked about an influential man in her life, but did not mention his name.She simply said that she did not regret the relationship with him, because thanks to this experience, she was where she is now.


What is known about Allen and Farrow's 12-year romance?

The director was in official relations with Mia for 12 years. During this time, they decided to adopt two girls. In 1997, the couple divorced with a scandal - Farrow found nude photographs of their daughter at Allen's. After that, the woman said that her husband corrupts young children.

After that, Woody Allen was deprived of the opportunity to see his adopted children, and meetings with his own son were held under strict control.

20 years after the scandal, the second adopted daughter plucked up courage and told reporters that as a child, Woody molested her with intimate proposals. The director himself and his lawyers deny these charges.

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