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Halle Berry's First Kiss Was With A Girl

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Halle Berry's First Kiss Was With A Girl
Halle Berry's First Kiss Was With A Girl
Video: Halle Berry's First Kiss Was With A Girl
Video: Halle Berry Reveals Her First Kiss Was With a Girl and It Was 30 Minutes Long! 2023, February

Hollywood actress Halle Berry has not ceased to amaze her fans with new details of her life lately. The story of the first kiss will definitely surprise you


More recently, American actress Halle Berry revealed that she adheres to the keta diet, which means that the woman tries not to eat carbohydrates at all. The celebrity showed her breakfast on the Instagram social network, which impressed her fans very much. The other day, Holly decided to share a story about her first kiss. It turns out that the celebrity's romantic experience was very original. The first partner in this interesting business was Berry's best friend. This is reported by the American edition of the Daily Mail.

During an interview for this publication, the actress told reporters that the kiss with her friend was deliberate, without feelings, but for the sake of gaining the necessary experience. That day, Holly turned to her best friend for help, and she did not refuse. The fact is that at that time the celebrity began dating a young man who was clearly more experienced in this matter. Berry did not know how to kiss yet, for her it was the first experience of relationships with guys, and she really wanted to impress her lover. As the actress admits, she understood that you can just kiss, but she wanted to learn how to do it “in French”.

“It so happened that my first real kiss happened to a girl. I then did not understand at all how it is, kissing with the tongue? So I asked her to come to my house and we can practice. We then kissed for 30 minutes. The next day I went to my boyfriend and already kissed him for real, without fear. " - says Holly.

The journalists did not miss the opportunity to find out with whom the celebrity liked kissing more: with a friend or a boyfriend? Berry gave her preference to the young man after all. Perhaps this answer was due to the fact that she had certain feelings for the guy. However, the actress did not forget to thank her youth friend for the experience and subtlety in this matter. Indeed, the girl could have refused Holly, but she acted like a real friend.

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