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Writer J.K. Rowling Confessed To Sexual Assault At A Young Age

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Writer J.K. Rowling Confessed To Sexual Assault At A Young Age
Writer J.K. Rowling Confessed To Sexual Assault At A Young Age

Video: Writer J.K. Rowling Confessed To Sexual Assault At A Young Age

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Video: Emma Watson RESPONDS To J.K. Rowling! 2023, January

Following official statements from Harry Potter stars including Daniel Radcliffe condemning her recent tweets, J.K. Rowling wrote a lengthy statement defending her view of trans rights

As many actors in the Harry Potter fandom and allies of the trans community continued to protest over recent tweets from writer J.K. Rowling about transsexuals, the author of the book, who also took up publishing on her personal website, to further defend her decision to speak out on the issue. In a 3,600-word essay, Rowling clearly states that her stance is in favor of "same-sex relationships," highlighting five points of her opinion, including admitting that she has experienced sexual abuse.

In her essay, she addresses most of the critics of her point of view, admitting that in fact she has met "trans people" and has read various books, blogs and articles written by transsexuals, gender specialists, intersex people, psychologists, protection specialists., social workers and doctors, and also followed the conversation on the Internet and in traditional media,”as many people recommended to her to better understand her point of view. She also admits that she began her research into trans issues for her crime novels Cormoran Strike, which she writes under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

But at the end of her list of “new trans activism fears,” she reveals that she was sexually abused early in her life. “I’m mentioning these things now, not in an attempt to garner sympathy, but out of solidarity with the sheer number of women who have stories like mine and who are scorned as fanatics for worrying about same-sex spaces,” said Rowling, who writes in his article titled "J.K. Rowling" writes about his reasons for speaking out on issues of same-sex relationships.

In it, she goes on to discuss her "first forced marriage" and how the tweets she posted on June 6 re-emerged "memories of severe sexual abuse I was twenty years old were repeating in a circle." “This attack happened at the time and place where I was vulnerable,” she explained, “and the person seized the opportunity. I could not hide these memories, and it was difficult for me to contain my anger and frustration at the way I think my government is easy and free about the safety of women and girls.”

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