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How Milla Jovovich Celebrated Christmas

How Milla Jovovich Celebrated Christmas
How Milla Jovovich Celebrated Christmas
Video: How Milla Jovovich Celebrated Christmas
Video: Milla Jovovich interview in Cinemanya with Renata Litvinova (full version with subtitles ) 2023, February

Milla Jovovich flew home for Christmas and immediately rushed to Twitter, scribbling reports on preparations for the holiday. Unfortunately, I didn't upload photos and videos, but I did share the Christmas menu.

“I AM HOME, HOME, HOME! Ready to rock! - writes Millochka. - I'm decorating the tree and I'm ready to cook my favorite Christmas dishes. Stuffed turkey, creamy spinach, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms - yum!"

After some time, Milla returned and reported: “Right at the top of bliss! Jetleg let him go kiss my boots! I put the baby to bed, put the turkey in the oven and wait for the holiday to begin!"

Friends pestered the actress with questions - does she really do all this? “Yeah,” Milla replied. - All by herself! well, my family is with me and will help me clean! " Who was surprised by the choice of Brussels sprouts for the festive table, to which Milla snapped: “You haven't tried my Brussels sprouts! If heaven was filled with greens, it would be the most delicious!"

Friends did not stop and continued to ask Mille questions. What are her goals for next year? "Be a great mom, kick bad asses, work hard and be a home goddess!" - the actress joked. Milla also told that her daughter Ever Gabo sleeps well, which she is incredibly happy about, and what kind of music they will listen to for Christmas: Frank Sinatra and other rock and roll.

Milla finished the conversation on a joyful note: “Well, I finished decorating the Christmas tree and put potatoes in the oven. Have fun everyone!"

Well done, girl!

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