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Bradley Cooper: No Romance With Aniston

Bradley Cooper: No Romance With Aniston
Bradley Cooper: No Romance With Aniston
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Bradley Cooper for the umpteenth time excuses himself from an affair with Jennifer Aniston… The first reports that the couple were dating appeared more than a month ago - but then Bradley said that he had seen Jen only three times, and what kind of romance could we talk about! However, 10 days ago, the paparazzi caught both of them at dinner - and rumors spread again under the beautiful headlines "Jennifer has found a new Brad." And here Bradley once again denies everything - he and Jennifer are friends, period.

At a press conference held on June 26 in Paris, Brad responded to the harassment of journalists: “Jennifer is my friend. Simple, simple, just a friend. In America it is a little different than here. She's the kind who's super-super famous. Famous. And if someone just says “hello” to her, then that's it - it means that he is in love with her. So no, no. Jennifer is a very, very interesting woman, but she's just a friend. We did the movie “Promising is not getting married” together, but we didn't have scenes together. I shot at the beginning of the picture, and my scenes were with Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Connelly - which is also not bad at all.

Poor Brad. I repeated everything twice, as for stupid ones. So she hopes to drum into us that she and Jennifer are just, just friends?))

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