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Michael Jackson Killed By Propofol?

Michael Jackson Killed By Propofol?
Michael Jackson Killed By Propofol?
Video: Michael Jackson Killed By Propofol?
Video: Warrant: Propofol Killed Michael Jackson 2023, February

Police Los Angeles searched the house for the second time Michael Jackson, who died on June 25 at the age of 50. The first time it was a general search of the scene, now the cops, according to information TMZ.com, purposefully searched for traces of Michael's drug abuse. They were especially interested in needles. And, it seems, if you believe the sources of the portal, they found something. Namely, an extremely dangerous and powerful drug Propofol, which is used in surgery to anesthetize patients. It is introduced into the body using a dropper. It is impossible to go and buy it at the pharmacy: it is available only to the medical staff. As one TMZ informant put it, "It is unthinkable to be prescribed for home use."

Next to Jackson's body, as TMZ wrote earlier, was found Lidocaine… Its possible application: to relieve pain when taking Propofol (it burns). One of the most important side effects of Profopol is a heart attack when used in combination with narcotic pain relievers. But the drug is so powerful on its own that it can cause cardiac arrest on its own.

An unnamed nurse revealed that Jackson begged her to bring him Diprivan Is the trade name for Propofol. According to her, Michael needed him to fight insomnia. By the way, she refused him …

Did TMZ reporters manage to answer the main question that has troubled the minds of many people: what did the King die of?

If it turns out that this is indeed the case, the question remains, who delivered the Propofol / Diprivan to the singer? His cardiologist Dr. Murray? Jackson's dermatologist also caught sight of the police Arnold Klein… The cops want to talk to him about what medications and why he prescribed to his patient. Dr. Klein, following Murray's example, has already hired a lawyer, but, as far as is known, has not yet appeared for interrogation by the police.

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