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How Justin Bieber Painted Hailey Baldwin With One Message

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How Justin Bieber Painted Hailey Baldwin With One Message
How Justin Bieber Painted Hailey Baldwin With One Message
Video: How Justin Bieber Painted Hailey Baldwin With One Message
Video: Hailey Bieber Reveals REAL Intention Behind Dating Justin Bieber 2023, February

Spouses Justin and Haley Bieber have moved to a new level of communication on social networks. If earlier they confessed their love to each other, now they exchange obscene jokes


Young couples are perfect for each other. In marriage, they are definitely not bored, they are proof of this by the publication on the social network Instagram. They constantly come up with something funny, very often confess their love, arrange a competition - who will get the most romantic photo. Now they have moved to a new level of entertainment for themselves and their audience. Beloved ones write obscene jokes with double meanings.

Justin Bieber recently decided to publish a short video in which he responsibly prepares for the upcoming concert. In complete darkness, the artist plays a minor melody on the piano and sings one of his hits, about loneliness and suffering. Justin really sang the song very touchingly and sensually, the video went viral on the Internet and got more than a million likes, and the views were 5 times more! Of course, this publication could not pass by the singer's wife, Hayley Bieber. She left an enthusiastic comment under her lover's song.

“Where is my jaw? She’s on the floor!” - wrote Haley with delight.

The reaction from Justin came instantly. He decided to make fun of his wife by sending a vulgar response.

"To be completely honest, your jaw is not only on the floor." - the artist remarked jokingly.

With this response, Bieber seemed to embarrass Haley. She decided not to develop this topic, fearing to run into more intimate details from her husband. Therefore, she answered him like this:

My God, please, just go to sleep

Recall that 26-year-old American singer Justin Bieber and 24-year-old model and daughter of Stephen Baldwin tied the knot two years ago. Their wedding ceremony was of a secret nature, only close people were present. This happened due to the poor health of Justin, who at that time was undergoing treatment for Lyme disease. A year later, the newlyweds staged a magnificent celebration, to which already celebrity guests and all friends were invited.

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