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Demi Moore Admitted That She Was Happy To Self-isolate With Ex-husband Bruce Willis

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Demi Moore Admitted That She Was Happy To Self-isolate With Ex-husband Bruce Willis
Demi Moore Admitted That She Was Happy To Self-isolate With Ex-husband Bruce Willis

Video: Demi Moore Admitted That She Was Happy To Self-isolate With Ex-husband Bruce Willis

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Video: Demi Moore Gushes Over Bruce Willis' Wife Emma Heming: We Are 'Sisters Bonded' 2023, February

At the moment when the coronavirus pandemic crept up to America, 58-year-old actress and model Demi Moore decided to spend it surrounded by the most dear people


She spent almost two months under the same roof with her ex-husband, 65-year-old Hollywood actor Bruce Willis. Also, their three children lived in the house, and Bruce's two daughters from their second marriage with model Emma Heming. It so happened that Emma was unable to come to Los Angeles and quarantine with her husband.

The other day, Demi Moore had a conversation with her good friend Naomi Campbell. The world famous model has her own show called “With Naomi Without Filters”, which is released on YouTube. In a conversation between her friends, it became clear that for Demi Moore quarantine was a great reward and a gift, she thanks the Universe for the opportunity to spend so much time without fuss with her family.

Of course, the actress and model realizes that the pandemic as a whole has brought a lot of pain and grief for humanity, however, if we close our eyes to this, then there were more good moments. At least for the family of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, who have not lost their loved ones from this disease.

“I really appreciate that the Universe gave me such a great opportunity not to rush anywhere, and really appreciate the time that we managed to spend with my family. It so happened that Bruce and his children were able to join us, and we whiled away the evenings with one big and friendly family” - says Demi Moore.


The celebrity also noted that it was thanks to the pandemic and the government's decision to make a strict quarantine that they were able to feel the luxury of spending time together. If all this had not happened, then people would not have been able to experience that happiness.

“For us it became a real blessing of God, it allowed us all to reconsider our attitude towards each other, to rethink everything that was previously lost or missed. It was a wonderful and amazing experience” - the model sincerely admits.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have been officially married for over 13 years. In 2000, they decided that it was time for them to follow different paths of life and divorced, but they were able to stay on good terms. 9 years after the divorce, the Hollywood actor remarried the British model Emma Heming. At the moment, the couple are raising two daughters.

Note that Fashion Week has recently started in Paris, in which Demi Moore took part. She had the honor to open a fashion show, according to the model, she dreamed about it since childhood. Unfortunately, no one appreciated the woman at her true worth, as the attention of the audience was drawn to Demi's face, which was disfigured by an unsuccessful plastic surgery. Moore herself tries to avoid questions about her appearance, without commenting on what happened.

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