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Gigi Hadid Got Herself A Tattoo With Her Daughter's Name

Gigi Hadid Got Herself A Tattoo With Her Daughter's Name
Gigi Hadid Got Herself A Tattoo With Her Daughter's Name
Video: Gigi Hadid Got Herself A Tattoo With Her Daughter's Name
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American model Gigi Hadid has decided to immortalize the most stunning moment of her life.

Remember forever one of the best days - when she became the mother of a beautiful daughter, the model decided with the help of a tattoo on her body. Gigi did not come up with something unusual or with a secret meaning, she simply wrote the name of Haya's daughter on her body. It is worth noting that up to this point, the model had no drawings on the body, both temporary and permanent.

Hai's name is now engraved on the bicep of model Gigi Hadid. However, the celebrity decided that it would be correct to write the girl's name in Arabic. The star did not advertise her first tattoo in her life, so when exactly she appeared is still unknown. It's just that Gigi posted a video on her official page on the social network Instagram, where fans were randomly able to see the drawing on the model's right hand. They immediately took many screenshots and spread the tattoo throughout the network. By the way, the father of the child and the model's lover, musician Zayn Malik, have exactly the same tattoo. The man decided to imprint the name of his daughter on his wrist, it is made in red ink and has a more massive look.

Note that Zayn Malik generally abuses tattoos, there is practically no free space on his body. In 2018, he dedicated one large tattoo to his beloved Gigi Hadid. The musician stuffed the model's eyes on his chest, but until now the man has not admitted that this drawing is dedicated to the model.

And we want to remind you that Gigi and Zane became parents for the first time in September 2020. Star mom and dad very diligently protect the privacy of their child. The fact that the baby was named Haya became known only a few weeks ago. Also in her last interview, Gigi Hadid decided to reveal the details of her birth. The girl said that the whole process lasted almost 14 hours. She refused to go to the clinic, arguing that she would be more comfortable at home. Of course, everything was planned in advance. Around Gigi were relatives, Zayn Malik, as well as a midwife and her assistant.

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