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Kanye West Skimped On Models For The Show

Kanye West Skimped On Models For The Show
Kanye West Skimped On Models For The Show
Video: Kanye West Skimped On Models For The Show
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Popularity lover Kanye West, as it became known, has huge debts to banks, amounting to $ 53 million. "The conqueror of the heights of rap and the world of fashion" (as he calls himself) is in dire need of money and does not need to spend, therefore, for the fashion show of his Yeezy 3 collection, he did not even hire professional models. This is reported by sources close to the benchmark.

Western tabloids report that the pretentious Kanye fashion show featured actors who are hired for extras of film sketches. Each of them received $ 150 for the show and a hot lunch.

“The models from them turned out to be absolutely miserable. People even had to freeze, because it was cold in the hall, even the audience, and they sat dressed. From the fact that the models were chilly, they looked even more unhappy, "- said the insider.

In addition, before the show, they were strictly forbidden to "take sexy positions" and "look into the eyes." This was necessary so that the viewer would not be distracted from the miraculous outfits created by West.

When the artist-designer found out that this information was leaked, he was very angry. Now he is trying to determine where the information leak came from and to punish the talker. Before the show, a nondisclosure agreement was signed with each of the "models", everyone was warned that otherwise Kanye would be sued and the amount of the claim would be $ 10 million.

The source said that the audience was predominantly "white", while the models were mostly African American. This added awkwardness to the latter and gave the feeling of a slave market.

I must say that tickets for the show were also not cheap - their cost exceeded one hundred dollars, but the number of those wishing still exceeded 20 thousand (according to West's calculations).

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