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Jessica Simpson's Parents Divorced

Jessica Simpson's Parents Divorced
Jessica Simpson's Parents Divorced
Video: Jessica Simpson's Parents Divorced
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Parents Jessica Simpson they put an end to their 34-year-old marriage. We will remind, in the fall of last year, 53-year-old Tina - Jessica's mom and Ashlee Simpson - filed for divorce from their father Joe… And the other day the divorce proceedings were completed, and Joe and Tina are now no one to each other.

The official reason for the dissolution of the union was "disagreement or personal conflict." In the press, there was a rumor that in reality it was that Joe Simpson turned out to be gay, which he admitted to being at home last year. Joe himself, by the way, called these rumors about his unconventional orientation ridiculous. At the same time, a representative of the Simpson family told reporters that Joe and Tina parted on friendly terms, and that the third party in the collapse of their relationship was innocent.

The couple had six months to change their mind, but this did not happen. What about Jessica, who is expecting her second child? Yes, she is, of course, worried, but she's all right.

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