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Who Became The Sexiest Man Of 2020?

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Who Became The Sexiest Man Of 2020?
Who Became The Sexiest Man Of 2020?
Video: Who Became The Sexiest Man Of 2020?
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At the end of each year, the popular People magazine summarizes the results. In their opinion, the sexiest man this year was the actor Michael Bekari Jordan

To appear on the cover of the magazine as the sexiest man in 2020, the actor was also helped by his active life position. He often took to the streets of the country to participate in rallies for the rights of the protection of black people. The actor is always in favor of defending his civil and economic freedom.

At the moment, a man's heart is still free and he is an enviable Hollywood bachelor. However, he has someone to dedicate the victory to. The actor named the most important women in his life, who are always sincerely happy about his achievements.

“When my grandmother was alive, she always collected magazines where my name was present. Therefore, my mother and my aunts have always read these publications. This is something they always find time for” - Jordan admits.

It is worth noting that last year this title was awarded to John Legend, and in 2018 Idris Elba graced the cover of the People glossy. In addition to these celebrities, the sexiest men of their time were Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, George Clooney and other handsome men in Hollywood and America.

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