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Prokhor Chaliapin Sent His Wife Under The Surgeon's Scalpel

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Prokhor Chaliapin Sent His Wife Under The Surgeon's Scalpel
Prokhor Chaliapin Sent His Wife Under The Surgeon's Scalpel
Video: Prokhor Chaliapin Sent His Wife Under The Surgeon's Scalpel
Video: Прохор Шаляпин и Лариса Копенкина посмеялись над Анной Калашниковой 2023, February

The wedding of the year of two hot hearts took place in the Kutuzov registry office - Prokhor Chaliapin and Larisa Kopenkina… Love broke out unexpectedly between a retired bride and a groom who suits her as sons. The event also sparked press interest due to the scandals that erupted in the background of this event.

There is a huge age difference. Close couples do not hide this either. For example, at a wedding Bari Alibasov wished the young "good sex, many children, a long orgasm, a great erection and the division of property in half." This statement alone is blameworthy.

Prokhor Chaliapin and Larisa Kopenkina

Prokhor Chaliapin and Larisa Kopenkina

Also, it has already been confirmed that the mother Chaliapin did not appear at the wedding at all. As they say, the poor fellow had a hypertensive crisis. The mother blames her daughter-in-law for her troubles: “I don't even know how they met, but the fact that they signed a legal marriage was a shock for all of us. What she found in him, I do not know."

Love is blind, which means that the newlyweds do not see the reasons for such rude remarks in their direction. They argue that the 28-year age difference is not a hindrance to their love.

But the last news was desire Chaliapin send his wife under the operating knife of a plastic surgeon, and this is after just a few days of living together. Prokhor convinced her to go under the knife of a plastic surgeon to tighten sagging cheeks and smooth wrinkles. According to him, his beloved woman is already very beautiful, but after plastic surgery she will look even better and much younger. Perhaps this will put an end to the constant rumors and discussions of the young couple. Thus, they will be able to look matched to each other.

The owner of an elite Moscow real estate agency told the press that she had never done plastic surgery, but for the sake of her husband she was ready for anything. Chaliapin He has this experience, back in 2008 he did rhinoplasty. The descendant of the famous opera singer did not like his "non-aristocratic" nose, and he successfully eliminated this shortcoming.

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