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Harry Styles Got Hurt Because Of His Own Antics

Harry Styles Got Hurt Because Of His Own Antics
Harry Styles Got Hurt Because Of His Own Antics

Video: Harry Styles Got Hurt Because Of His Own Antics

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Video: Harry Styles - Clumsy moments 2023, February

A year ago, the singer Harry Styles bought a used classic car white Ford capri… The new acquisition cost the singer about 13 thousand dollars. Harry was proud of the purchase and happily drove his car around London and the surrounding area. But Stiles' passion quickly faded and he parked his car in one of the parking lots in town. There, the car was covered with a layer of dirt and dust, it had a flat tire, and it became an excellent "canvas" for those who like to play around.


Someone who has clearly heard about Stiles' adventures in America painted a penis on the hood. One of the users of the parking lot where Harry's car is located said that the car has been standing here for many months and deteriorating: "It's a pity that such a good car turns into a rusty old bucket." Ford capri was popular in the 70s and 80s. Then this car was considered a sign of luxury.

Harry treated the inscriptions on his car with humor and is not going to look for hooligans.

Recall that a member of the One Dirrection group is a big car lover. Only two years ago, the 20-year-old singer passed his license, and in his garage there are already such cars as Audi R8, Range Rover, Porsche Carrera… Harry was also recently seen driving a vintage Mercedesbut Stiles' acquaintances claim it's his girlfriend's car Kendall Gener.

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