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Kate Winslet Loved Her Body And Gave Up The "beauty Injections"

Kate Winslet Loved Her Body And Gave Up The "beauty Injections"
Kate Winslet Loved Her Body And Gave Up The "beauty Injections"
Video: Kate Winslet Loved Her Body And Gave Up The "beauty Injections"
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Less than a week is left until the moment when the fantastic thriller "Divergent, Chapter 2: Insurgent" will appear on the big screens of Russian cinemas. While we are all waiting, we invite you to find out a little more about the life of the actress who plays one of the main roles in the film, Kate Winslet. In an interview the 39-year-old star gave to the magazine InStyle, she talked about how she returned to work after the birth of her third child. “In 2013, I started working again. I've always liked these moments. I like to wear tight fitting clothes and look like I didn’t even look like before I was pregnant.”


Winslet noted that after the birth of children, she did not try to return to her previous shape, but simply worked further in the body that she received: “I sincerely do not understand those women who are trying to regain their former figure. Now I have more or less bounced back. But the days where I needed to be naked in film are long gone. Thank God,”says Keith.

As the British admits, motherhood helped her to love her body as it is: “Now I can say with full responsibility that I really, even more than before, like the fact that I am full. I have a chest and a butt, as well as a man who loves all this in me."

By the way, Kate also hinted that she does not pay attention to the opinions of others regarding her appearance. Winslet says that she has already outgrown it: “When you go through all those levels of control that I had to go through, you will understand that you just need to come to terms with judgments. I always needed to look good because that's part of my job. Now I realized that I had an incredibly successful career that has absolutely nothing to do with the size of my butt."

In addition, the actress says that she is ready to grow old and intends to do it beautifully, without using various methods of rejuvenation and "beauty injections."

“My wrinkles are in place and won't go anywhere,” the star says responsibly. - I take care of my skin. I do various masks on a regular basis. Let's be honest, there are so many ways to keep skin looking youthful right now without botox."

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