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Ben Eldridge Confessed To His Gay Orientation

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Ben Eldridge Confessed To His Gay Orientation
Ben Eldridge Confessed To His Gay Orientation
Video: Ben Eldridge Confessed To His Gay Orientation
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June 2020 was chosen as the month of “LGBT Pride”. It was thanks to the support of people from all over the world that 34-year-old American actor Ben Eldridge decided to come out


The man admitted that he always wanted to inform the world about his sexual characteristics, but he did not dare. The path to self-knowledge was very long. Ben made his statement on his official Instagram page.

Eldridge posted on his page photos of 1972, when one of the first LGBT march took place in America. On that day, transgender people participated in the peaceful demonstration, as well as activists such as Silva Rivera and Marsha Johnson.

The series of black-and-white photographs was completed by the video recording. On it Ben sits with his friend in a bar and gently kisses him on the cheek, apparently the actor is not indifferent to this man. Who is this guy in the video, Ben did not disclose, but he has nothing to do with show business, is not a celebrity.

“The road to recognition was very long for me. I love the LGBT community and feel incredibly proud to admit that I am now a part of it. I still have a lot of victories ahead of me, but I also have a real fight ahead of me. " - the actor signed a series of pictures.

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The journey to pride was long one for me. I love the LGBTQ + community and am incredibly proud and thankful to be part of it. So much won. So much more to fight for. #pride

post shared by Ben Aldridge (@benjaminaldridge) on Jun 27, 2020 at 5:42 am PDT

The audience reacted very positively to Ben's statement. His very first colleague who supported the actor in recognition was Michelle Keegan. Together with this actress, he took part in the filming of the British project "Our Girl". Ben's post collected more than eight thousand likes and hundreds of comments. Subscribers admire the courage and courage of their idol.

It is worth noting that Ben Eldridge woke up famous after participating in the filming of the comedy series Trash. The name of his hero is still unknown to the public, since in the series everyone calls him a "shit".

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