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Dancer JoJo Siwa Introduced Her Girlfriend To The World - Kylie Prey

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Dancer JoJo Siwa Introduced Her Girlfriend To The World - Kylie Prey
Dancer JoJo Siwa Introduced Her Girlfriend To The World - Kylie Prey
Video: Dancer JoJo Siwa Introduced Her Girlfriend To The World - Kylie Prey

Who is Kylie Preu? She is JoJo Siwa's new girlfriend who made Jojo "happier" than she "ever was." Find out more about Kylie

Just three weeks after Jojo Siwa introduced her girlfriend to the world: Kylie Preu… After the alumni of the reality show Dance Moms made a lucky announcement on February 8th, featuring celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Nikki de Jager, this led to the next question: who is Kylie Preu? Although Jojo answered this question in a post, here's what else you should know about the girl who made Jojo "happiest":


How does Jojo know Kylie?

JoJo revealed that Kylie was actually her "best friend" for one year before they took their relationship to the next level on January 8, 2021. “After being just a best friend for over a year, on January 8, 2021, I call her an exceptional person, my friend … and since then I am the happiest person I have ever been! "- explained JoJo in a post dedicated to the anniversary of the relationship.

Jojo has a crush on Kylie and cannot stop admiring her girlfriend's many wonderful qualities: “She is seriously the most loving, supportive, happiest, protective and most beautiful ideal person in the world. And I can call her mine! Congratulations on the onset of the month to my girl! I love you more and more every day!"

Kylie immediately posted love on social media. “Fall in love with your best friend, guys. it is the BEST feeling in the whole world. Here's one month with my loved one? I love you shark,”she wrote on Instagram along with cute photos and videos of JoJo.

Where is Jojo's girlfriend from?

Kylie was born in the picturesque seaside town of Key Largo, Florida. This is the same area that Hurricane Irma hit in 2017. Fortunately, Kylie's house was not destroyed, as she revealed in one of her Instagram posts.

Since Kylie still lives in Florida, she is currently in a long-distance relationship with JoJo.

How old is Jojo's girlfriend?

Jojo's girlfriend is still in high school and graduates in 2022, according to her athlete page on Max Prep. In her freshman year, she played college basketball!

Who are Jojo's girlfriend's parents?

Kylie's father - Doug Preu, which owns two restaurants in the Florida Keys: Fish House and The Fish House Encore. Meanwhile, Kylie's mom - Narelle Preu from Sydney, Australia. She also has a twin!

The family “enjoys traveling, boating, and a family life filled with activities that are centered around high school activities,” as noted in the profile of Doug and his longtime business in 2017 (Kylie and her twin were in high school).

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