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Elena Malysheva's Clinic Was Robbed

Elena Malysheva's Clinic Was Robbed
Elena Malysheva's Clinic Was Robbed

Video: Elena Malysheva's Clinic Was Robbed

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Video: Methadone clinic robbed at gunpoint 2023, February

More than a million rubles were stolen from the blade of the famous TV presenter Elena Malysheva. After investigation, suspicions fell on the chief administrator Dmitry Kozl. Malysheva herself has not yet reacted in any way to the news.


Malysheva's clinic is located in the center of Moscow. The attacker opened the safe and stole one million 499 thousand rubles. The main suspect was the 32-year-old senior administrator Dmitry Kozel. They managed to catch him in hot pursuit. The attacker was captured on video cameras, the video from which was seized by law enforcement officials. Also, the careless Goat left prints at the crime scene.

At the moment, Dmitry Kozel has been detained. The investigation is being carried out by specialists and a case was opened under the article "Theft on an especially large scale."

Malysheva herself has not yet reacted in any way to what is happening. She has her own Instagram page, where the presenter prefers to discuss only business moments with fans. eg. recently comedian Elena Borshcheva visited her program "Health". “Together we will figure out how to behave for men if they are experiencing problems in their sexual life,” the presenter told her subscribers on the social network.

The presenter opened her own medical center recently, or rather in March of this year. Malysheva's desire became known a few years ago. This is not the only medical institution operated by Malysheva. Another clinic exists in St. Petersburg. Invested $ 10 million in the project.

Malysheva has developed not only a successful career, but also family life. The presenter and her husband Igor have two sons growing up. The eldest of them - Yuri - decided to follow in the footsteps of his mother and often appears on TV shows. Her heir also built a family with his wife Karina. They are raising a son named after his father.

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