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Diamond Shoes For Daughter Kim Kardashian

Diamond Shoes For Daughter Kim Kardashian
Diamond Shoes For Daughter Kim Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding promises to be a very expensive event. After all, newlyweds will have to spend not only on wedding suits, organizing an event, etc., but also on diamond shoes for their daughter North west… The couple are already in serious negotiations with the jeweler designer Lorraine Schwartzso that she can create a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes, in which the little princess can then walk with her mother to the altar in the church.


As you know, baby Nord plays a big and, perhaps, the most important role in the life of her parents. A source close to the couple says: “Nord is the fruit of Kanye and Kim's highest love. This baby is a pure creature and Kanye really wants the baby to take on the responsible role of escorting mom to the altar.”

For Nord West, a pair of diamond designer shoes will be the first purchase of its kind. However, parents do not miss the opportunity to pamper their child. Nord's wardrobe can be envied, probably even Paris Hilton.

Recall that Kanye West made Kim an official marriage proposal on October 21, 2013. This event took place in the circle of family and friends of the couple at a baseball stadium in New York. To do this, Kanye hired an orchestra, the sign flashed on the scoreboard: "Will you marry me, Kim?" Then everything was accompanied by colorful fireworks.

Friends of the couple commented on their relationship: “Kim helps Kanye feel free. As if there is nothing in the world that he could not accomplish."

It looks like the couple's wedding is going to be an unforgettable event. The main thing is that after this a happy family life follows.

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