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Jared Leto's New Girlfriend - Amber Atherton

Jared Leto's New Girlfriend - Amber Atherton
Jared Leto's New Girlfriend - Amber Atherton
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42-year-old talented actor and musician Jared Leto every day he has to endure the costs of his chosen profession, since every day the name of the artist is mentioned in the media for the most part not about his work, but about his personal life. The inveterate bachelor Leto has long been tirelessly repeating that his family is the fans of the group. Thirty Seconds to Mars, but the press continues its attempts to guess what is going on in the soul of the musician and, in this regard, ascribes novels to him with various representatives of show business.

According to Western media, Jared's next "victim" was 23 year old model, actress, and also the owner of an online jewelry store Embre Atherton.


The source of information is a close friend of Jared. In his message to NEW! He said that Leto and Atherton have been dating secretly for quite some time. If you believe a friend of Leto, then Jared, as soon as he has the opportunity to visit London, always meets with his passion Atherton.

Reporters immediately rushed to find out all the details, and this is what they managed to find out: it turns out that Jared Leto had been seeking the attention and favor of Atherton for a long time, whom he met back in 2010 at a party at the Serpentine gallery.

Now, when a romance has begun between the actors, each time they meet, they prefer to go to the Arts Club for dinner. This institution, as if it had become "their" place, and Leto and Atherton visit this club with pleasure, which has already become a good tradition of famous personalities.

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