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Rob Kardashian May Go To Jail Because Of Candid Photos Of The Mother Of His Child

Rob Kardashian May Go To Jail Because Of Candid Photos Of The Mother Of His Child
Rob Kardashian May Go To Jail Because Of Candid Photos Of The Mother Of His Child
Video: Rob Kardashian May Go To Jail Because Of Candid Photos Of The Mother Of His Child
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Rob Kardashian, the star of the most popular American television family, could go to prison for distributing pornography. And all because he posted on his page on the social network a picture that the mother of his daughter Dream sent him a few hours before cheating on him. This story is now on everyone's lips, and even the rating show of his family cannot dream of such fame. True, it is highly questionable.


An offended man who has not lived with the mother of his first child for several months. decided to take revenge on his failed wife in full. He told the whole world what shame and humiliation he had become a part of. So, an oil painting: even after breaking up with Black, Rob continued to support his daughter's mother, gave her expensive gifts, supported her mother (his mother-in-law), bought them both expensive cars, paid China for an operation worth 100 thousand dollars (that's the whole secret of losing weight after giving birth), and on the eve of July 4 bought a model jewelry worth 250 thousand dollars.. The veil fell from his eyes when a dude asked him to help pay the bill for him and Black, because that unexpected gentleman did not have enough funds. And what do you think? Rob paid for it, but decided not to leave the case like that, and to make the showdown with Black public.

Rob posted a series of pictures for which he was immediately excluded from Instagram, because the pictures fell under the category of "pornography." They depict China in a more than piquant form. the woman showed her genitals and offered herself to the Kardashian. And at the same time, there was already a stranger in her bedroom.

“Today Chyna sent me a video after I bought her 250K Jewelry and she sent me this video … of another man in our bed.” written by Rob.

“You begged me for an operation on your entire body for 100 thousand dollars. I gave it to you for our anniversary. Your nipples turned out to be terrible, but I loved you like that " - Kardashian sold out.

“I loved Chyna as my wife and accepted her with all her flaws, I never cheated on her. We had a girl who became the best thing in my life. As soon as Dream was born, Chyna disappeared. When Kylie and Taiga (Rob's sister and Black's former common-law husband) broke up, she ended the game. She wanted a child from me to prove to him that there are men who are crazy about her. I sincerely believed that she wanted to start a family.. I learned this lesson, and my loved ones were right..

She cheated on me in the house I paid for when my daughter and her little son were nearby.. " - Kardashian continued to pour out his soul. The young man promised that he would stop paying for the car for Black and her mother - his gift.

As soon as Rob gave out a series of provocative pictures - a photo of the same would-be lover Black, who asked for money and offered to talk about China in Life with the Kardashians, the cheater immediately accused him of beating.

The Kardashian clan was initially on Rob's side and had no illusions about Black China, and even despite the harm this scandal would cause little Dream Renee, the sisters and mother fully support the relative, and their lawyer is already preparing to defend herself. Lawyer Black is already preparing the relevant documents for the court, the cherry on the cake of the court proceedings will be custody of his daughter.

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