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Victoria Beckham Is Going To Build A Bunker From Robbers

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Victoria Beckham Is Going To Build A Bunker From Robbers
Victoria Beckham Is Going To Build A Bunker From Robbers
Video: Victoria Beckham Is Going To Build A Bunker From Robbers
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Friends of singer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham are very concerned about her mental state. It seems to them that the celebrity has begun a prolonged depression. And they explain it this way


The fact is that recently Victoria told her close circle that she was going to dig a tunnel under the house that would lead to the bunker. She needs the construction not to hide from bombing or the like, but from real robbers!

Victoria made such a decision after she heard the story of the robbery of one of her husband's good friends.

It is worth noting that the story that shocked the singer did not even happen in the area where the entire Beckham family now lives. We are talking about the football player Dele Alli, who has long been friends with David. The robbers broke into Dele's mansion when he was at home, the attackers beat the football player and took away all the jewelry.

After this story, Victoria decided to make a large tunnel leading to the bunker under her mansion in the Cotswolds. This area in Britain is considered very calm and quiet, over the past few decades, they have not even heard of robberies and showdowns there. Although in this area there are quite wealthy people who have something to take in case of an attack. The Beckham family neighbors are Kate Moss and Patrick Stewart. The mansion that Victoria and David bought in 2016 cost them $ 8 million.

However, they started living in this house only two years ago. Initially, Victoria decided to make a complete redevelopment and overhaul of the home. The renovation work, which lasted quite a long time, managed to get very tired of the famous neighbors of the family, but no one said anything or complained. It is still unknown how the neighbors will react to the excavation work and the construction of the bunker. It is clear only one thing that Victoria's idea is far from silent and very long.

The start of construction will obviously not begin in the near future, because at the moment the entire Beckham family is quarantining in the mansion.

Recall that the star spouses Victoria and David Beckham, as well as their three children, are in the house during the quarantine period. The eldest son of the spouses decided that he wanted to quarantine his beloved in New York.

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