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Hugh Grant Nearly Lost His Wife On Honeymoon

Hugh Grant Nearly Lost His Wife On Honeymoon
Hugh Grant Nearly Lost His Wife On Honeymoon
Video: Hugh Grant Nearly Lost His Wife On Honeymoon
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Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein tied the knot in May and went on their honeymoon, where the actor nearly lost his wife. At the Seth Myers' Tonight Show, Hugh revealed the details of the trip. The honeymoon took place in Paris.


A simple romantic walk in Paris ended unpredictably. The couple ordered a taxi, which cost 6 euros. As it turned out, the actor had nothing to pay by the time he arrived at his destination. He asked to be taken to the nearest ATM, but he, as evil, was not a worker. “I panicked and said to my wife, 'Get out of the car.' The driver got angry: "What are you doing?" I replied: "The ATM does not work, so we will not pay." And at that moment he kidnapped her. Imagine, he left right with my wife! " - said Grant.

What happened in the end - Hugh did not tell, but said that he never got along with French taxi drivers.

Recall that the actor told reporters that he was insanely happy in marriage. “Everything is really good … I should have gotten married earlier. I was just lucky: I have a wonderful wife. I love her,”says Grant.

Recall that on May 25, the paparazzi noticed a couple near one of the offices in London, where marriages are registered. According to eyewitnesses, Grant and Eberstein took with them a support team in the form of friends and family.

The couple has been together for more than six years, so the sudden marriage did not come as a surprise. Together, Grant and Ebenstein are raising three children, two of whom are from a previous relationship with Tinglan Hong, a Chinese restaurant manager in London. “Fatherhood is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It is incredibly beautiful to feel all this love that surrounds you. Suddenly you realize that you love someone more than yourself,”he said.

True, Grant was not entirely positive about marriage. “If you ask me if people are meant to be in a monogamous relationship for 40 years, I will of course say no,” Grant said.

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